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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Blow to the international coalition kills 70, including a senior leader Daashaa



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Blow to the international coalition kills 70, including a senior leader Daashaa

Post by rocky on Sun 29 May 2016, 2:42 am

Blow to the international coalition kills 70, including a senior leader Daashaa

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

A spokesman for the international coalition against al Daash announced that thecommander of its fighters in Fallujah killed in an air strike in the context of the assault by the Iraqi forces to restore the city of jihadists.
Quoted "Agence France Presse", the American Colonel Steve Warren as saying : "We killed more than 70 fighters from enemies including Maher Albiloa who was commander of al Daash forces in Fallujah , "explaining that the coalition launched more than 20 blow , whether by air or by artillery in the last four days. 
he said Warren" sure, I will not pay this enemy to completely withdraw from the battle, but a blow. this confusion happens and forcing other leaders to reconsider their positions. " 
according to the agency, the between 500 and a thousand fighters in the organization Daash controlled Fallujah where he still lives where 50 civilians. It prevents members of the organization civilians from fleeing ,but hundreds of them have been able to leave the city Friday with the help of Iraqi forces, according to local officials. 
The spokesman said the US aircraft dropped leaflets urging residents to flee, pointing out that "these saws recommends those who can not leave put white sheets on surfaces (their homes) to indicate their whereabouts. The Iraqi army is making a major effort to secure the means to evacuate. " He said local authorities in Anbar province , which follow her Fallujah "has set up camps to receive the displaced civilians" The military media cell had announced last Friday the escape of 460 people of Fallujah. 
In the meantime, the team Raed Shakir Jawdat Federal police chief says to AFP that "our troops evacuated 460 people representing families , mostly women and children, from the people of Fallujah. " He noted thepresence of security forces to receive those families when Alsjr bridge north of Fallujah. 
He called Jawdat parents who , were still inside Fallujah out of them toward the bridge Alsjr because thesecurity forces to open safe corridors to facilitate this. He see Barakat , a member of the security committee in the Anbar provincial council, said that "hundreds of families from the people of Fallujah were able to get out of the city." 
He noted that most of those displaced from Alsjr area chosen and the village area Aljughaifi second , which islocated in the north of Fallujah and on its edges. 
And began to displaced people, including a large number of children were exhausted after hitting mostly walk they barefoot to the areas where the security forces, according to the photographer France Bars.oukalt Um Omar is in the fifties who arrived accompanied by more than a dozen people from her family in an interview with Franz - Presse, "we were trapped in Alsjr area and awaiting the arrival of security forces to save us. " 
she said the lady who wore plain clothes and put the lid Black on her head" was Daash we deprive go out and give us food for Atoklh only animals until the water we drink from the river courses. " 
he quoted" Franz - Presse , "a source in the Norwegian organization located in hand Amiriyah Fallujah, south of the city, saying "the arrival of a group of displaced families from areas in Fallujah surrounding areas , " pointing out that " the first group of them arrived at the fourth blew up " Friday. 
the agency quoted sources affirming the organization Daash to impose a curfew to prevent residents from leaving their homes. It is obvious that they are using them as human shields.

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