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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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American Institute: Participants in the battle of Fallujah Tlavo edit Tikrit and Ramadi errors



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American Institute: Participants in the battle of Fallujah Tlavo edit Tikrit and Ramadi errors

Post by rocky on Sun 29 May 2016, 2:44 am

American Institute: Participants in the battle of Fallujah Tlavo edit Tikrit and Ramadi errors

 BAGHDAD / Mady 

The Iraqi government announced the launch of the battle of Fallujah , which is long overdue, in the city which is only 30 miles away to the west from Baghdad, which was under the control of the entire organization Daash over the past 29 months. The Fallujah , a center very important "Al Qaeda's in Iraq , " and to organize "Daash" in the post in the contract that the latter already seize the city in January 2014. 
On the other, it may seem surprising lack of liberalization of Fallujah earlier - in The result was the city closest to Baghdad , among the cities that fell under the control of the organization "Daash" more than two years.The main reason for this is the continuing emergence of more pressing matters which forced the Iraqi security forces to focus on the latter. 
In January 2014, Iraqi security forces have focused their efforts on preventing the seizure of the "Daash" to the neighboring city of Ramadi. Efforts were considered to regain control of Fallujah as a process that requires detailed planning, and the counter - attack and hasty appeared as a threat to Atail him. When looking back, perhaps it is worth an early attempt to eliminate the control of the organization "Daash" of the city at a time when the fist was incomplete. 
Then came the fall of Mosul occurred battles in Haditha, Samarra, Tikrit and Beiji. It has been fighting thebattle to liberate gray throughout the war that was edited recently. 
Has suspended the Iraqi security forces, particularly the "popular crowd forces," in a long siege and indecisive on Fallujah. For the "popular crowd forces" that saw disappointing results on the battlefield since the spring of2015 onwards, Fallujah has become a way to give the impression that it is still a major player in the arena ofIraqi battles. 
This blockade has caused the occurrence of major damage in Fallujah, which is no longer fully ever built after the great battles that took place in 2004, when he evacuated US Marines city in fighting very devastating house from street to street. 
equally important, it remained in the city about 70 thousand civilians out of 350 thousand of indigenous people, whether by choice or severe for fear of an attempt to escape. Shortages have caused food and medicine inside Fallujah , the occurrence of diseases and deaths among civilians, and it was possible to avoid the loss of life in extraordinary circumstances. 
It seems that the current operation to liberate Fallujah attributed to a group of combined factors , namely: the bombings , which have caused mass casualties in Baghdad May, and the pressure on Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to show positive results in any field, and the gap between the end of the battle of Ramadi and the potential beginning of the battle of Mosul in late summer or in the fall. 
in theory, there is room for a quick operation in Fallujah before Iraq begins isolating Mosul from the south and west in the fall and then launch the process of the city of Mosul itself in the winter. But it would be so quick? 
The beginning of the broader Mosul process that well - publicized and launched in March 2016 had given theimpression that the city itself was on the verge of liberation: In fact , the fighting was going on after more than 100 km from the city of Mosul. 
In Fallujah, troops are participating in closer to the city 's fighting, which often within 5-10km of Hafadtha, but the publicity surrounding this process in the first days of the attack raised very high expectations to a certain extent about the instant access to Fallujah. The first week of the Iraqi forces operations have been targeted defeat control regulation "Daash" on the remote areas north of Fallujah , in the vine City, and to the east and south of Fallujah. 
It has launched an "Iraqi Air Force" more operations intensified in the war to strike targets of the "Daash" in Fallujah selectively use "F - 16" and "NEC aircraft 208" high accuracy to which it supplied the United States, and helicopters Chinese armed model "CH 4", and attack helicopters that Russia supplied the aircraft , "the 159" newly submitted from the Czech Republic. 
The show process clearly that the Iraqi government and the "popular crowd forces" and the coalition have learned important lessons in leadership and control of the previous battles. the 
government of Iraq, with the support of the US - led coalition forces, coordinate the battle for Fallujah, and choose the targets of air strikes and lead the broad framework for the process. The "popular crowd forces", which includes the Sunni forces around Fallujah rural areas, they are fighting in the battle is very coherent focus on the rural outskirts of Medinh.kma that some elements of the "popular crowd forces" such as the"Brigades of Hezbollah" or "League of the right ", you will not receive the American air support, but Iraqi jets will be on call to help. And more importantly, Hadi al - Amiri, secretary general of the Badr Organization, said on May 24 that the units "popular crowd forces" will not enter the city of Fallujah. 
This division of labor is the result of lessons learned from Tikrit and Baiji , Ramadi and battles. It can not be for "popular crowd forces" that "engaged in such battles alone , " you can not achieve good results in fierce fighting in urban areas where the intelligence alliance capabilities attacks considered to be of critical importance. 
However, the Iraqi security forces and coalition forces I realized that the "popular crowd forces" are very good at clearing the rural areas around the disputed and occupation of cities and prevent reinforcements organization «Daash» access, which is essential in any effort to edit any city. 
in addition, the Iraqi government realized that the exclusion of "forces People crowd "completely, as is thecase in Ramadi, can cause resentment. We will know over time how quickly overcome the resistance organization "Daash" in Fallujah and the effectiveness of it, but the formula used in Fallujah represents apositive development for the war in Iraq. an: Washington Institute for Policy  Near East

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