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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The Guardian: leader Daash moving in "a narrow arc" between Baaj and Tal Afar



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The Guardian: leader Daash moving in "a narrow arc" between Baaj and Tal Afar

Post by rocky on Sun 29 May 2016, 2:47 am

The Guardian: leader Daash moving in "a narrow arc" between Baaj and Tal Afar

 Baghdad / term 

Intelligence officials said they are now convinced that the leader of al Daash Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi , traveling in an area stretching along a narrow arc in the northwest of Iraq, northeast Syria. 
He wrote two journalists Martin Chuluuv and Spencer Ackerman , "from the point closest to the Daash that can be accessed, the Peshmerga forces monitoring the movements enemies. in more days, baptizing fighters Daash to shooting and mortar fire on the fronts of the Peshmerga, ten miles from Sinjar distance. " 
and just ten miles south periodically meets senior leaders to Daash in concrete villages gray was for more than a decade the most secure area to navigate members of terrorist groups. 
according to the Kurds , who watched from the ground and intelligence officials watched from other sites, moving the desired number one around the world, Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi, between the towns of Baaj and Bureij neighbors. 
He says journalists that intelligence officials who have spent the last two years trying to monitor themovements of al - Baghdadi, have become convinced it travels under tight arc in northwestern Iraq and northeastern Syria, an area where since the same inauguration remained the leader of the alleged state. 
credited journalists to Westerners and Kurdish officials and senior members of the Daash and close to al -Baghdadi that since March last year, did not come out of the Baaj when he was recovering from serious injuries sustained in the raid did not know it , but very few of those close to him , and even his enemies. 
in northern Iraq , which is considered the most important in the war against Daash axis, intelligence officials and the leaders of the Peshmerga say they are certain that al - Baghdadi moves in recent weeks a lot about northwest Iraq, specifically near Baaj and Tal Afar. A senior intelligence official: "It 's moving around a lot ... Ialso went to Mosul." And on the front south of Sinjar, Lieutenant Colonel Khaled Hamza was sure that al -Baghdadi visited Baaj two months ago , "We have accurate information from inside the city stating that he was visiting the governor." 
During the two years of the war against Daash, more than 15 senior al - Baghdadi , the leaders were killed in raids, including former House of Representatives of the Turkmen Baghdadi Abu Muslim and Abu Ali Anbari and Chechen Umar and Abu Malik and a number of local leaders in Anbar and Nineveh. Last year, al - Baghdadi was about to join them. The interviews revealed that over the past year , the Guardian newspaper about theextent of the injury suffered by al - Baghdadi , in an air strike .. and it is still one of the big secrets within theorganization. Even his enemies seemed reluctant to say to what extent they were about to kill him, because the raid apparently was aimed at another person. And collect achieve the British newspaper information about the raid, and the slow recovery of Baghdadi and his return finally to emerge among Daash, and efforts arebeing intensified to ensure that the specific upcoming raid and investigation that Baghdadi waswounded near the Iraqi town of Sharqat on the Tigris River, 300 Kihumicr distance north Baghdad. The newspaper contacted the eight - informed sources close to al - Baghdadi injuries. He said he suffered serious wounds in his lower back, which made ​​him unable to move for months before it enters the long convalescence phase. The Guardian said that throughout the treatment period, did not know about his health and only a handful of doctors and nurses. And within the organization itself, few adult leaders are aware of the subject. There are close to him knew him before the foundation of the organization left guessing thereason for the prolonged absence of their leader for the gatherings that were supposed to participate in it. He was a senior official in the Daash and Iraqi officials in Baghdad believed that the raid got near the border with Syria on March 18 of last year, but the raid occurred in Sharqat , about the same time but on the 100 - mile Herqua.oobulgt distance information on al - Baghdadi injuries across the network , "five eyes "intelligence agencies of the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, as well as other partners in theMiddle East, including the Kurds and the Iraqis and the Saudis and the Gulf states. However, there is still asplit between the intelligence officers who want to find out the details and policy makers who refuse to do so.

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