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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Economist: Restore nearby Fallujah but it will not prevent the bombings in Baghdad



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Economist: Restore nearby Fallujah but it will not prevent the bombings in Baghdad

Post by rocky on Sun 29 May 2016, 2:49 am

Economist: Restore nearby Fallujah but it will not prevent the bombings in Baghdad

 translation term 

Fallujah carry bad memories of the American soldiers who served in Iraq, where therespective battles confirmed to have signed in 2014 - was the second most deadly - that Fallujah is a stronghold of the insurgency that appeared in defiance of the US occupation. It is also the first big city fell into the hands Daash beginning of the invasion of Iraq in 2014. 
Today the battle of Fallujah , the third fall, in the twenty - second of this month , Prime Minister Haider al -Abadi announced the start of an offensive to restore the city , not far from the capital for more than half anhour 's drive. 
For the international alliance who fights Daash, the attack on Fallujah 's decision does not carry a lot of logic in priority to wrest the city of Mosul , however Daash fell two years ago remain. 
preparations are under way operations are in full swing , despite many people believing that the security forces will not be ready to move toward Mosul by the end of this year. It is feared the Americans that distract Fallujah forces and increase the delay attack on Mosul. 
Although the military logic ambiguous and doubtful, there is a political good reasons to declare Abadi, where suffering weak government today more than they suffered in the past few weeks ardent normally. 
Since the end of April storm followers Muqtada al - Sadr fortified green Zone and entering the parliament building to protest against corruption and sectarianism. At the same time, it increased the security situation in Baghdad worse because of the bombings carried out by al Daash series. On the eighteenth of this month Daash boasted that he killed 522 of the people of Baghdad within one month. Was Abadi , that seems to be doing something. 
For the Michelle Knights - an expert in Iraqi affairs at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy - it is unlikely to be Daash bombings orchestrated campaign of Fallujah , besieged for months, it makes more sense over the bombs came from Diyala province and south along the Tigris River. But with that Fallujah remains a nuisance it is necessary to deal with it . 
It says that the Knights attack Fallujah should not delay the restoration of Mosul. Forces in the north will consist largely of the regular army teams that have been trained by the international coalition, and the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, while the Fallujah operation depends on the units of the popular crowd and the local police. 
The spearhead Vsiolv - as is the case in the restoration of the city of Ramadi in December the past - from theelite units in the fight against terrorism with the support of the air force of the international coalition. It seems likely that the Falluja back under government control soon, but restore it will not have any impact on thecampaign Daash bombings in Baghdad. The Americans say that with the loss of the group for many of theareas they inevitably return to the old terrorist methods, it is natural that this does not relieve the capital 'spopulation who are long - suffering.

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