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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US newspaper: the return of the displaced people of Ramadi take years because of the scale of the de



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US newspaper: the return of the displaced people of Ramadi take years because of the scale of the de

Post by rocky on Mon 30 May 2016, 2:55 am

US newspaper: the return of the displaced people of Ramadi take years because of the scale of the destruction and mine risk

 translation term 

After more than a year away from the city ofRamadi , the war - torn country , Osama Ismail hair - a teacher and father of four children - that his city is safe enough to come back and check on the abandoned house.Where the government announced the liberation of the city from extremists since Daash for quite some time. 
The taking of Osama wandering around the house to examine the damage until he arrived to his bedroom to see what was left of the purposes for which they left before fleeing. Suddenly there was an explosion took his life immediately. Local officials said the house was booby - trapped by the Daash fighters said. After months on the restoration of Iraqi forces to the city. He left 15 thousand displaced families Baghdad camps and other provinces and returned to Ramadi , hoping to revive their shattered lives, but the fate of people like Osama reveals the difficulties and dangers that await the people of Ramadi, where he was 60-80% of the city to destruction during the fighting between government forces and Daash over more two and a half, according to the United Nations and local officials. many of the areas bearing signs of shelling and bullet holes , while other areas, especially south of the city, a sea of rubble. Leaving Daash behind thousands of containers which pulls out of the city, and some hid them under the sofas, carpets and even in one case in the bike a little girl by the local media. He says Colonel Arkan Fadhil of the Iraqi special forces "when I go home I dare not touch anything." Everything in the little gray IED, and spread banners on the remains of the walls warn people from entering homes without reference to officials, because most homes is available. Few areas written by theHigher Committee for re - displaced phrase says , "it was the street cleansing". Regardless of the acute shortage of basic services like water and electricity, and Returnees complain of the slow pace of removing containers despite the continuing and growing losses. Conditions that left Daash led to the killing and injuring more than 800 people since February, according to Anbar Operations Command. This dangerous situation hasforced the government in April to prevent displaced people from returning, he said Ibrahim al - Janabi, Mayor Gray, will not be allowed to return parents until the school year ends in June. And chose a lot of displaced people staying in the relative safety of the camps, says a leading horses Abdul - who lives with his eight children in Ghazaliya camp in Baghdad "will not go back now, do you go back to die? There is no solution but to wait engineering crews to clean up the city." Ramadi is part of a campaign the largest to expel Daash from all regions, dominated by in 2014. since that time , the Iraqi forces are - the support of the air strikes , theinternational coalition - the restoration of one area after the other. the expulsion of extremists from thepriorities of Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi and the US administration, but the efforts being made ​​in this direction added to the mass, where the government forces bombarded cities and towns during the offer. thesituation in Ramadi , adds to the challenges in Iraq , stuck amid the budget crisis and falling oil prices , which emptied the treasury of the country, says al - Janabi "municipal Council can not , or the central government todo anything with money that we have now, the province does not have the money. " says a spokesman for the governor of Anbar , " the central government is doing what it can, there are dedicated funds only for stability in order to restore basic services. we hope we get the funds from different donor countries to move beyond stability. " In April announced the US State Department in a statement for a grant of $ 5 million to help cleanse the gray mine in what was described as "an important first step to support the Iraqi authorities in basic infrastructure, helping to restore the displaced families to their homes reform", adding that the Janus Global US company hoped to begin an initial efforts of unexploded mines to clear. but the size of the problem, according to Col. corners, larger than we imagine , and some minefields stretching to almost two miles. He also described James O'Neill, a specialist in the affairs of the destruction and official Janos in Iraq, Ramadi as highly contaminated environment pose unique difficult challenges of its kind. As the amount of large debris add to the complexity of the problem, where O'Neill said : "We have to take each region we do not know what extremists buried under the rubble. so it will take a long time. " Even specialists mine were not able to avoid losses, where 135 members of the Iraqi army and police have been killed since February, according toal - Janabi. Since Janos company began work last month, managed to cleanse the five schools as well as water treatment plant, according to O'Neill, every school needs week cleared on average. a lot of gray areas devastating to the point of no longer remove the explosives , including possible. Some places, devastating Kalmlab so are not considered a priority and can not be re - parents them and still full of explosives , which means the need to build armored cleared equipment, no money is available to rebuild the city into what it was before entering the Daash, and it will take years to return to those areas, according to a local officials. ï ® from: Los Angeles Times

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