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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Start to storm Fallujah, 3-axis, a week after the start of military operations



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Start to storm Fallujah, 3-axis, a week after the start of military operations

Post by rocky on Tue 31 May 2016, 3:29 am

Start to storm Fallujah, 3-axis, a week after the start of military operations

 Anbar / long-Presse 

They stormed the joint forces, on Monday morning, Fallujah , the center of the three axes of what constitutes the beginning of anew phase of regaining control of the city ,which is one strongholds organize major Daash process in Iraq, according to military commanders announced. 
And come edit the first city operations out of the control of Baghdad in 2014, in conjunction with theoperations carried out in Syria, and feared that the life of being a large number of civilians at risk. he said Lt. Gen. Abdul - Wahab al - Saadi , commander edit Fallujah told AFP that " the counter - terrorism apparatus, army and police forces began at four o'clock (2.00 T. g) a blanket of Air Alliance international, to storm Fallujah , a city of three axes ".otaatkdm forces of the axis Alsjr (northeast) and the intersection of staff bridge (east) and Nuaimiya bridge apple (South), according to the forearm , which pointed to the existence ofresistance from Altnzim.oani engaging counter - terrorism forces at this stage of the process, anticipate probably the occurrence of street battles in the city that has seen fierce fighting against US forces in 2004, he described Balaanf since the Vietnam war. the command announced edit Fallujah operations in Anbar province, on Monday, clearing Nuaimiya area, south of Fallujah fully raise the Iraqi flag over the buildings, while thedistrict council of Fallujah confirmed the arrival of the joint forces to the outskirts of the Shuhada neighborhood, south of Fallujah (62 km west of Baghdad). liberalized joint forces Shiha area and managed to reach the junction (Saqlawiyah - Fallujah) , despite the mining of Trq.oukal Lt. Gen. Abdul - Wahab al - Saadi, commander of the liberation of Fallujah operations in an interview with (long - Presse), " the joint forces managed to cleanse the entire one Fallujah Center areas Nuaimiya area of control Daash and raising the Iraqi flag over government buildings , " noting that " the fighting resulted in the the deaths of dozens of members of the organization. " He said al - Saadi" the security forces are working to raise the IEDs from the region and address the booby - trapped buildings to secure military wheels, tanks and armor over the storming Shuhada neighborhood in southern Fallujah. " in turn, confirmed Hameed Ahmed Hashim, a member of the judicial council of Fallujah in an interview (long - Presse), " The joint forces raised the Iraqi flag over Nuaimiya police station (16 km south of Fallujah) after clearing all areas , " noting that " the security forces arrived on theoutskirts of the Shuhada neighborhood, south of Fallujah, in preparation for storming through the next few hours." Hashem said that " the joint forces working to open safe corridors for the exit of civilians from thesouthern sector areas of Fallujah and evacuate to safe areas" .ooaln Council Falluja in Anbar province, on Monday morning, the joint forces began edit Fallujah , the center of the process (62 km west of Baghdad), from the control of the organization Daash, three Mhaor.aly, the joint forces liberated, Shiha area, east of thecity of Fallujah (62 km west of Baghdad) from the control of the organization Daash. As the security forces arrived at the junction Saqlawiyah. A reporter (long - Presse), the facilities of the joint forces in Anbar, said ajoint force of Brigade 53 Division's 14th Brigade on the larger of the popular crowd managed to free Shiha area, east of the city of Fallujah, from the control of the organization Daash noting that the security forces detonated three car bombs left by elements of the organization within the region. " He said the reporter that violent clashes broke out between the joint forces and elements of al - Daash who tried to block theadvancement of security forces across the mined roads with improvised explosive devices, but the security forces continued progress and arrived at the junction (Saqlawiyah - Fallujah) to meet Pfesela (Badr Brigades , the master of martyrs) belonging to popular crowd. " the Baghdad operations command announced, on Sunday, joint forces provided with a faction in the popular crowd toward the adjacent Shiha area of the center of the city of Fallujah (62 km west of Baghdad), as indicated to continue to advance the security forces areas west Alsjr. the commander of the Baghdad operations Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir al - Shammari said in an interview to the (long - Presse), " the joint force of Brigade 53 Division 14, with the banner of the largest of the popular crowd, moved from Alsjr bridge north of Fallujah Shiha towards the area adjacent to the center of the city. "Shammari said that "advanced pieces continues to advance areas west Alsjr, towards the outskirts of Fallujah . " For his part , the city, the commander of the brigade on the larger of the popular crowd , Major General Ali al - Hamdani , said in an interview to the (long - Presse), "the existence of cooperation and coordination isvery Highs and unity in the leadership and guidance the battle that started from Alsjr bridge toward Shiha area adjacent to the center of Fallujah. " He said al - Hamdani said" the battle of Al - Shiha was quality, yielded victories and progress rapidly to our units , and a defeat for the organization Daash who left the mechanisms of war and weapons and fled toward the city center. " said the military official that the " axis the banner ofthe largest combined forces of the military operations is the largest hub in the liberation of Fallujah operations , we have made ​​progress since the seven days we were able to edit 25 km of land leading to Fallujah Center. " on the other side of operations, confirmed media folk crowd forces, the joint forces continue offered to thenorth of Fallujah areas. The statement, which was received (range Press) a copy of it yesterday, that " thepopular crowd and police forces of the Federal continues to advance into northern Fallujah areas liberated from the control of Daash , " noting that " the forces holding the international highway."  The process restoration of Fallujah , which began a week ago with the support of the international coalition led by theUnited States, has focused in the beginning to regain control of the villages surrounding the city and towns ,about fifty kilometers west of Baghdad. the Fallujah, the second largest major cities controlled by theorganization Daash in Iraq after Mosul. The estimated number of militants organization present in Fallujah isnow estimated at a thousand element, trapped for several months.

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