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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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International Alliance: the battle of Fallujah will take longer than expected



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International Alliance: the battle of Fallujah will take longer than expected

Post by rocky on Tue 31 May 2016, 3:31 am

International Alliance: the battle of Fallujah will take longer than expected

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

The commander of the international coalition forces warned to fight al Daash in Iraq, on Monday, the possibility of causing the local reference to militants inside Fallujah to disrupt the ability of Iraqi security forces to direct aquick blow to the organization Viha.orjeh take the battle key to the liberation of the city "more time", and pointed out that it would be "more violent" than expected by the Iraqi leaders. 
he said Lt. Gen. Sean McFarland, in an interview with the Washington Post and I followed ( the long -Presse), it was "too early to predict what the outcome of the battle in Fallujah", (62 km west of Baghdad), contrary so the expectations of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, and the leaders of other senior saying that encircle the city 's campaign and editing will be a quick and Hacmh.oodhav Gen. McFarland that " theIraqi forces did not Tkhadd previously such a battle, and that Fallujah includes some who have adopted previously thought of organizing extremist Daash One of those who engaged in newly organized , "adding that" it means that you can cope with a high rate of hostility within the city. " US newspaper reported that "al - Abadi had said last week, that the battle is going around better than expected , " expected to " an obsession is released people of Fallujah soon . " He explained McFarland that "there is among many Iraqis toward Fallujah they have become a threat to the capital , Baghdad "noting that" quite a number of civilians in Fallujah sympathizers with al Daash, not knowing whether they will resist the Iraqi forces, but they have to Aakonon collaborators. " 
the commander of the international coalition against Daash in Iraq, that" the people of Baghdad will continue to feel the lack of safety, until the liberation of Fallujah, after being subjected to a series of car bombs, which are believed to have come from al - Anbar province , "pointing out that" the battle of Fallujah will exhaust thecapabilities of Iraqi forces saved the future , such as liberalization of Mosul operations. " 
He called the US commander because" taking into account the length of Fallujah campaign, "Msttrda" I do not necessarily know how much time will be the acquisition of the town. " 
quoted the Washington Post for US officials as saying that" the United States carry out air strikes to support the liberation of Fallujah operations and that American advisers are sending directives to Iraqi forces from distant their headquarters from the front lines ", stressing that" US forces will not be involved combat operations in Fallujah. " 
He predicted American commanders, according to the newspaper," there are between 500 to an armed 700 members of the organization Daash in Fallujah, comprise a mixture of local and foreign militants. "

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