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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Nazhlo Fallujah blacks remember their days under the rule of Daash



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Nazhlo Fallujah blacks remember their days under the rule of Daash

Post by rocky on Tue 31 May 2016, 3:37 am

Nazhlo Fallujah blacks remember their days under the rule of Daash

 Baghdad / AFP 

Eight hands extended to the metal dish is a meal for the first rice dealt with in this Iraqi family two years ago after her escape from the control of the organization Daash on thecity of Fallujah in western Iraq. 
And set up the tent just and on the ground brushes carpet of bubbles used to wrap paper, despite the intense heat , but that smile faces Nazareth star and her daughter and her grandchildren. Nazareth says, her face tattooed elderly, "we dreamed of such a moment. I no longer confident that the rice still exists, for this dish when we saw we could not believe ourselves." The Nazareth reached the camp in the Amiriyah Fallujah before 12 hours after he went with her ​​family for almost night so as not Arsdhm guards organize Daash. 
And began to Iraqi forces prepare for the operation and wide for the Liberation of Fallujah a week in Anbar province before, announced yesterday morning to break into this city of three points. He urged the joint forces provide some civilians to flee from the outskirts of the city. 
Believes the Norwegian Refugee Council, who manages many of the camps in the Amiriyah Fallujah, shelter and aid to some 3000 people who have fled in the past week. 
Reveals displaced certificates of the difficult conditions experienced by nearly 50,000 people do not still trapped in the city almost isolated from the rest of Iraq for months. 
in the tent of Nazareth, abbreviated Maher Sabih, a tall man in a life situation, saying , "My weight was 103 kg but today I weigh 71 kg." He says all the recent arrivals of civilians of Fallujah , they have suffered from the bread, rice interruption. 
Troy Madiha Khudair, sitting in the empty tent with her ​​two daughters "were suffering. We had to grind date seeds to make flour." Madiha who lived in areas under the control of Daash near Fallujah , "tastes too acid village and no one wants to eat it ." 
When I started recall escape flight sunken eyes welled with tears. She said Madiha that covered her head with a scarf red , "we have given a hurry to God and make us our stuff and we went. When tribulations one oftheir trucks Anhanina ground but we succeeded in the end." 
Says an official Abbas, an elderly circumvents black cloak while carrying her grandson , aged five days in her arms, said the fighters Daash were handing out a few stakes on the parents and keep good food for themselves. 
She adds , "was the price of a bag of sugar, it contains a few kilos, 50,000 dinars , or $ 40, either rice they were handing out a quarter of a kilo sometimes it is barely enough to prepare a meal for the children." Troy " We did not have only barley bread Asmar Raeetmouna if you refuse to be Tokloh. Daash kept good with rice and bread." 
And went all the families of 252 families numbering of the new Fallujah camp with the inauguration Saturday.In tents matrix arranged some children slept in the shade to rest from the fatigue of the journey and for theprevention of the intense midday. 
Children rest Fmlooa plastic bottles with water or stood in queues with their mothers in front of an ambulance distributed medicines. In the nearby, workers straining to build latrines to meet the needs of the growing number of residents of the camp. 
The record Sunday largest number of displaced people from the city of Fallujah , but with the rise in fighting and the storming of the city yesterday morning, the expected arrival of the numbers Cbr.oukalt Becky Bakr Abdullah, Coordinator of Information Norwegian Refugee Council , "We are preparing the biggest aid in advance for our families that we hope to be able to escape." 
He pointed out that Ahmed Sabih access to the camp risky. He said the father, who is forty years old and who arrived at the camp at four in the morning, "We must choose the path impassable and those who did not know their way well have been killed." He concluded by saying , " I decided to risk everything. The only solution was either that saved my children or I die with them."

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