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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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International Alliance: We killed 70 militants with airstrikes in 4 days



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International Alliance: We killed 70 militants with airstrikes in 4 days

Post by rocky on Tue May 31, 2016 4:38 am

International Alliance: We killed 70 militants with airstrikes in 4 days

 translation term 

Col. Steve Warren , military spokesman for the international coalition , said that thecoalition supporting the Iraqi forces carried out over the past four days , twenty blow to thegroup Daash in Fallujah killed seventy militants, including one of the group leaders.Where Col. Warren announced the killing ofMaher Albiloa Daash commander of the fighters in the city. At the same time , he said Hadi al - Ameri ,commander popular crowd forces, the official television of the area of operations, standing alongside Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi special forces counterterrorism black fatigues, said the final battle for control of the stronghold near Daash from Baghdad would begin within days, not weeks as reported reports that people starve to death in the besieged city. 
first page of the attack, which began Monday, ended completely surrounded the city and Iraqi forces practiced today the third stage of the process which is to break into the city. At the end of last year, al - Abadi said in 2016 he would be in the final victory on Daash. 
, Fallujah is a stronghold of the insurgency that fought the American occupation of Iraq, which is the first city seized by Daash group in January 2014. Al - Amiri said that the popular crowd forces involved only in theencirclement of the city and leave storming of the Iraqi army, it will not enter the city , but failed when thearmy attacked. 
as Ameri called on civilians to leave the city from the south - west director who called the intersection ofpeace. But the United Nations said Friday that nearly 50 thousand civilians have prevented the group from escaping. Who managed to escape, some people are dying from hunger has stated. The Norwegian Refugee Council Thursday also said that the displaced people said the same thing in meetings at the near Fallujah camp. 
She said Melissa Fleming spokeswoman for the Organization for Refugees briefly in Geneva , " the food supply is very low, and we hear that people depend on rice expired and dried dates to perpetuate their lives. " 
the city of Fallujah insurgent once a tiny trading post on the Euphrates River , just 50 km west of Baghdad, but the clout in modern Iraq outweigh its size is relatively modest. 
Fallujah is a center of important religious year in Iraq, where he stands in the sky hundreds of minarets making it dubbed the "city of mosques". On 31 March 2003 , gunmen ambushed a convoy carrying four contractors Americans working for the Black civil company and military tendon, and killed them and dragged their bodies on the road and then hung them on a bridge over the Euphrates River. 
The spread images mutilated bodies around the world and was one of the more painful for war images US in Iraq. The bridge became known as Blackwater Bridge. It shook that event the world and made ​​him realize theviolent reality that prevails in Iraq after the fall of Saddam. 
On the seventh of November 2004 US troops launched an angry ghost , which turned out to be the bloodiest in the history of American troops since the Vietnam War operation, where they fought from house to house in an attempt to take control of the city that became the capital of al - Qaeda in Iraq. That battle - in which the 95 component of US troops killed and wounded more than 500 - occupy a special place in modern military history of the United States. Where between 1000 - 1500 gunman was also killed in addition to the hundreds of civilian casualties.

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