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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Joint Operations Announces Daash senior leaders killed in Qaim most prominent Baghdadi Assistant



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Joint Operations Announces Daash senior leaders killed in Qaim most prominent Baghdadi Assistant

Post by rocky on Tue 31 May 2016, 3:55 am

[ltr]Joint Operations Announces Daash senior leaders killed in Qaim most prominent Baghdadi Assistant[/ltr]


Anbar-Iraq Press -31 May / May: the killing of anumber of senior leaders in the district Daash based western Anbar province raid Airline Air Force.

A statement by the cell media war / Joint SpecialOperations Command, on Monday evening, said that "cell hawks intelligence of the Interior Ministryhas coordinated with the flight of the Iraqi air force with the Joint Special Operations Command and flattened a job dens for criminals Daash in Qaim spend where this process resulted in the killing of anumber of terrorists . " .

The statement added that "among those who areperishing in the strike, they are: the Secretary ofWar in the organization, and the governor of the state of the Euphrates earlier, official and public intelligence and a security the most important aides guerrilla leader Daash terrorist Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi, the supervisor ofthe many terrorist operations , most recently an operation on Sunday to attack to spend Hit by suicide bombers, also oversees the so - called e States. "

The statement pointed out , to " the killing of the commander of Tabuk battalion in Syria and Iraq, and transmission General Post of the State of Baghdad , and the state of the south, Iraqi nationality, a fugitive from Bucca, were injured in the operation and died in the hospital on the same day, and the death of the so - called emir battalion Alangmasien Arabs of Saudi nationality ".

Iraqi raid also killed according to the statement , " an officer in the former intelligence service, a fugitive from the Abu Ghraib prison, he worked with terrorist Abu Musab al - Zarqawi , and with the terrorist Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi, an expert in themaking of explosives, and received an order from al - Baghdadi , overseeing the wet and work them toward Baghdad."

He continued, as " the so - called judiciary official in the state of the Euphrates and the state of the pond, Iraqi national 40 -year - old almost killed dwell - based, hand Karabilah, a former detainee in Bucca prison for belonging to the then al - Qaeda,he worked with the defunct Abu Musab al - Zarqawi, and a close friend of Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi, and he gave opinions toslaughter a lot of Iraqis and Syrian citizens. "

Hawks fly Iraqi air force cell also directed to " the implementation of the strike in the same place resulted in the burning of theso - called headquarters of the Financial Bureau to organize Daash, in which more than six billion dinars, this process resulted also killed seven terrorists and the burning of a large portion of the funds mentioned" .anthy (1)

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