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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Elite forces clashing with Daash inside Fallujah .. military maneuver Tbaght militants regulation



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Elite forces clashing with Daash inside Fallujah .. military maneuver Tbaght militants regulation

Post by rocky on Wed 01 Jun 2016, 3:11 am

Elite forces clashing with Daash inside Fallujah .. military maneuver Tbaght militants regulation

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

While the information is frequent from thefront to the process of liberalization of Fallujah for an imminent attack stems from theeastern axis of the city, due to the gathering the largest military force there lines, the Iraqi elite forces surprised militants Daash broke into the city from the south and reach the first residential neighborhoods within the town. In the meantime tried to regulation Meanwhile surprise Iraqi forces, launched an offensive from the back of troops from areas near the Abu Ghraib District, east of Fallujah, but collided with the presence of a large military cuts were waiting for him. these developments came before ending the48 - hour deadline set by al - Abadi , which, when attending the parliament session on Sunday, when the start of the third stage of the liberation of Fallujah operations announced. and began counter - terrorism apparatus, who was not involved the launch of operations with all his weight, preparing to storm the city along with other regular forces, after the announcement of "popular crowd" no intention to enter Fallujah. also no longer infront of the elements Daash in Fallujah, which has been completely cordoned off, plenty of time for political maneuvering or a deal to avoid the storming of the city, because it has become as a fait accompli. and tried to organize "Daash", in recent days, search for an outlet to get out of the city, through negotiations with theIraqi parties to hand over the city in exchange for allowing him to escape, according to the news reported in the media recently. But close to the military operations destinations it denied the news, saying that the troops did not need to negotiate after its control over Fallujah. And closed in various military formations, estimated atmore than 30 thousand members, including a few thousand Anbar tribes fighters, the siege on Fallujah of four Mhaor.palmkabl received the decision crowd the latter to refrain from entering Fallujah positive feedback among officials in Fallujah. Where he saw as Mayor of the city as a "reassurance to the residents of Fallujah message" . She said the leaders of the popular crowd that decision falls within the distribution of roles between the military formations, and to give a chance to the people of Anbar tribes to liberate their city.Access to Fallujah , in turn , says local official in Fallujah , Saadoun al - Shaalan, in contact with (range), " The anti - terrorism forces, and the band Altkitith the army arrived, the night of Monday / Tuesday first neighborhoods of Fallujah, Shuhada neighborhood." southern neighborhood that is within the range of forces fire now, had reached him military units after they freed Nuaimiya area , the day before the attack, the last areas outside Fallujah axis Aljnobi.oiqa Shuhada neighborhood, on the road in terms of Amiriyah Fallujah toward the gravel area of the line, and the Po Hui, by the joint forces liberated during the previous phase of operations. Shaalan said (range ), that " the forces that attacked the Shuhada neighborhood came under severe attack, at midnight, launched Daash from areas Zoba and Zaidan near Abu Ghraib" .ouhol militants Daash who launched their attack from the back of troops across Tkhvehm fiduciary Euphrates River, they tried to engaging the attacking forces for progress towards the southern neighborhoods of Fallujah. but theorganization is surprised by the other, the number of Iraqi troops who were waiting for him at the cutter, which forced him to withdraw after the killing of large numbers Menhm.oichir Mayor of Fallujah, which was present in the headquarters operations of the city, that " The joint forces suffered no casualties despite thestate of the intensity of the attack , "stressing that" the liberation of Fallujah operations are ongoing. " The storming of the southern port of Fallujah, after he spent Iraqi forces over the past week, the attention to theeastern axis. The joint forces and collected a large number of troops, and brought a semblance aired news of its intention to break into the city via the staff Bridge. He disclosed the latest attack on the Shuhada neighborhood that it is not only the "military exercise," he says Shaalan that " the east and west axes are still in the process of preparations did not troops completed there are to break into the city through these ports. "clashes directly with Daash contrast advancing troops from the northern axis, after the liberation ofSaqlawiyah, and Alsjr, the village is chosen, and access to the cemetery Islamic, near the northern entrance of Fallujah. for his part , estimated Ghassan Ithawi, a spokesman for the clan fighting in Anbar liberated areas adjacent to the proportion of Fallujah 80%. He says Ithawi, in an interview with the (range), " the joint forces, backed by emergency Anbar regiments and clans, has become a direct contact with Daash in thesouthern axis." I decided Anbar police command, after the fall of Ramadi However Daash, converting about 10 thousand of its members to emergency battalions and fighter groups, and then participated in theliberation of Ramadi operations. And participate alongside regular troops in the liberation of Fallujah process 0.3 thousand tribes , the city and its neighboring areas fighters, most notably: Mahamdh, Aisaoyen, Allabsp, and beautiful. Edit and wait for the tribes of Fallujah, to take the task of keeping the earth, after it agreed to avoid "feuds", and bringing the accused to justice. To show that officials in Fallujah, their satisfaction with the method of taking out civilians across the ports that have been announced before the start of operations. He says al - Shaalan that "more than five thousand families have now come out of the city through the northern ports." The local administrator confirms that the "bombing aircraft inside Fallujah minutes and avoid pretty much injury population." Confirms al - Shaalan that " the damage in the district of karma, who edited recently , minor and did not exceed the 10% or less , "pointing out that" the forces Would you mind of residents returning after cleaning the elimination of the containers and return services. "

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