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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The Independent: "M" resistance in the streets of Mosul raises terror organization Daash



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The Independent: "M" resistance in the streets of Mosul raises terror organization Daash

Post by rocky on Wed 01 Jun 2016, 3:13 am

The Independent: "M" resistance in the streets of Mosul raises terror organization Daash

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

British newspaper confirmed, Tuesday, that the (Daash) tightened its procedures "arbitrary" against the people of Mosul , inconjunction with near large by the attack by the Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga and theinternational coalition. 
The British Independent newspaper, in a report yesterday , and I followed ( the long - Presse) " theorganization Daash began to take arbitrary practices against the people of Mosul, and to impose heavy punishment against all of revolt against them, in light of tightening its preparations in anticipation of an attack expected the city to liberate the Iraqi forces," attributing it to " the pursuit Daash defend the city at any cost so as not to lose . " . 
According to the Independent that " the past few days, has seen one of the people of Mosul have the first letter of the word resistance, a Almim, on several walls in the city 's neighborhoods , referring to the presence of a counter movement to Daash calling themselves Mosul Brigades", noting that " the movement was able the assassination of 15 component of Daash indication that she knows a good goal. " 
she said the British newspaper that this comes under the " intensification of the coalition forces led by theUnited States, its air raids elements Daash and its related sites in Mosul, at a time of growing people of thecity's expectations million and 500 thousand people, near the start of expected attack of Iraqi forces and thePeshmerga forces accompanied by troops Sunni tribes, backed by helicopter coalition to liberate it from theextremist organization , "indicating that" nearly four thousand people of Mosul, during last April, they have topay $ 600 for each individual, to smugglers to smuggled to Syria, in order to avoid are caught in the trap of the great battle anticipated. " the 
Independent quoted Ahmed Ali, (40 years old), a man villager visited his brothers in Mosul two weeks ago, saying that" the people in Mosul to not feel safe, pressures are upon them do not always know when they will be killed or subjected to punishment for something trivial like smoking a cigarette. " in 
turn, said Salim , 29 , a teacher of English, he left his career after the introduction of regulation of new school curricula, in an interview with the newspaper," the Daash impose authoritarian sanctions on the people ofMosul, "demonstrating so he personally received "six lashes with a whip because he shaved his beard around his promise Daash un - Islamic." 
explained Salim that "payment of two thousand dollars to smugglers to meet smuggled he and his wife andyoung daughter outside Mosul , " stressing that "most people in Mosul want to leave , but they can not do so . " 
She Independent that" Almousliyn who hate Daash They can not do anything against the organization because of the lack of weapons, especially his response is too harsh on any sign of the presence of the opposition or split , "pointing out that" Daash presented in last August 2015, a list of two thousand and seventy people, and put them on the wall of the Medico - Legal Institute, people have been executed since the occupation of thecity in June of last year 2014 ". 
the newspaper added that" Daash may be crushed attacks from several quarters before you fight him, and lost a lot of rallies centers in Iraq and Syria, such as Ramadi and Tikrit and Peggy, Sinjar, Palmyra area, "afterthought" but Mosul is considered the eyes of the organization is much more important than all of those areas because of the large size and the presence of nearly a third of the five million people under its rule in it. " The 
Independent found that the " loss Daash connector may mean a slap psychological disastrous to his prestige and influence that through which the caliphate State declared after its occupation in 2014, "Msttrdh saying that" Mosul is considered for the organization is also another big city occupied as the city of Raqqa in Syria small compared to them, and also because most of the people of Mosul are still in the buildings remained fastened not like Ramadi , the percentage of destruction of more than 70 percent. " 
attributed the British newspaper the cause of most of the people of Mosul remain there, to the " difficult toget out , "indicating that" all witnesses interviewed did not make their real names, where they fled from thecity by smugglers for a fee , or they visited briefly through their villages recovered by the Iraqi army. " He said witness Ahmed Ali told the newspaper that "Daash help prevent a lot of the people of Mosul to leave the city by about permanent confiscation of their identity and their papers, where he left them something to Aardoh front of the Peshmerga forces to prove their identity when accessing them, which may lead to suspicion ofbeing agents and spies to Daash . " the 
Independent She continued that although" there is a strong evidence that Daash and find opposition by most of the people of Mosul , because of the extreme aggressiveness with the deterioration of living standards and the destruction of mosques fastened on it, the organization is still able to find volunteers are fighters and bombers, and will continue through recruited and trained to kill more people for a long period of time if he can. "

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