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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Independent: Fallujah could face a fate like that of gray and Kobani after liberation



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Independent: Fallujah could face a fate like that of gray and Kobani after liberation

Post by rocky on Wed 01 Jun 2016, 3:17 am

Independent: Fallujah could face a fate like that of gray and Kobani after liberation

 Baghdad / term 

He says the governor of Kirkuk , Najm al- Din Karim "I think they (government forces) will take Fallujah, but the city would be destroyed in the process. If you do not have air strikes, it is likely that they will not be able to take thecity." This came in an interview cream interview with the correspondent of thenewspaper The Independent , Patrick Cockburn. 
Regained the Iraqi army , supported by a coalition aircraft control of the city of Ramadi in December last, but more than 70% of its buildings in ruins, and the vast majority of the population of 400,000 are still homeless. 
Lise Grande, the UN humanitarian coordinator for Iraq. " the destruction he found the team in Ramadi worse than anywhere else in Iraq , " 
and applies the same scene on the other victories against Daash in Iraq and Syria last year. Grand says , "I was in Kobani Daash that tried to control it through a siege that lasted four and a half months," before being expelled by Kurdish fighters and 700 air raid crushed three - quarters of the buildings. 
The Fallujah facing the same fate. There are 900 armed Daash defending well equipped sites above theground and a series of tunnels underneath. They are the owners of expertise to inflict the greatest number of casualties among their enemies through hunting and improvised explosive devices and booby traps mined, mortars and suicide bombers. 
In places like Tikrit, Ramadi and Sinjar withdrew at the last minute, but in Fallujah, has been fighting to theend, because it is close to Baghdad, but as a symbol of Sunni resistance against the US occupation since he got caught twice by the US marine Corps in 2004. 
It can be raised controversy over the lack of an alternative to the intensive use of air strikes if Oridt defeat Daash fighters ruthless and fanatical. But the war being waged is determined according to the type of political priorities. 
In a matter of Fallujah, and formerly in Ramadi, the US is working to support the Iraqi government forces and the Allies accepted politically , such as the Sunni tribal forces. They do not want to provide air support for Shiite factions , the most numerous in the popular crowd or units of popular mobilization that you see sectarianism and Iran under the influence of the military. The 
problem is that the Iraqi security forces fighting effectively, limited numerically. We must on many of these units to return to Baghdad or anywhere else along the front and can not be committed to the attack on Fallujah , which may take a long time. 
Attacking force , which seized the gray only consisted of 750 of the Iraqi special forces , which acted as aclearing after what has been bombarded fighters Daash from the air. 
There is no doubt that the strategy of using a limited number of highly capable skills of ground forces to call air support in any resistance point, logical Askaraa.omn noted that no international outcry at a time when destroy the Sunni cities and centers another residential in Iraq systematically. This does not happen, because the current bombing campaign is justified , as usual , by the supporters of the air war, to talk about theiraccuracy and engineered to be the number of victims to the minimum. 
But there is also a widespread feeling that all justified the means, when used to eliminate the movement ofsuch brutal cruelty and barbarism as it is Daash. The current attack on Fallujah partly paid under the pretext of the killing of 200 civilians in Baghdad bombings Daash, earlier this month. 
Patrick Cockburn that "what will happen in the next few months in Fallujah important say because it may tell us what will happen if there was an attempt by the Iraqi government and the Peshmerga Kurdish and theinternational coalition to regain control of Mosul , which could be where about two million people now. " He also points out that Cockburn "Daash No one is allowed to leave the city and would fight hard because thecontrol of the Mosul in June 2014 enabled him to succession alleged statement." 
The Washington wants to restore the city this year. It is believed that the governor of Kirkuk , US President Obama is "desperately trying to expel Daash of Mosul before the end of his reign." 
This is hardly surprising since the loss and the emergence of Daash were probably the worst error in judgment during his years in office. But, even though the restored city, the war will not end because the five million Sunni do not give any alternative to Daash but to submit to Shiite rule or Kurdish. 
It concluded that America and its allies such as Britain insists that the government in Baghdad must include people who formerly lived under the rule of Daash but this inclusion would not be a big difference if the places in which they lived are piles of rubble.

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