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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Experts expect a long confrontation in Fallujah siege occlusion will pay Daash to fight tooth and na



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Experts expect a long confrontation in Fallujah siege occlusion will pay Daash to fight tooth and na

Post by rocky on Wed 01 Jun 2016, 4:46 pm

Experts expect a long confrontation in Fallujah siege occlusion will pay Daash to fight tooth and nail

 Baghdad / AFP 

Coinciding with the start of the advance of the Iraqi elite troops toward the city of Fallujah, the storm, the imposition of thousands of other troops loyal genocidal blockade on the city from all sides. It is expected that the Iraqi military siege imposed applied to lead the city of Fallujah to prevent militants from escaping Daash organize them, what will push them to fight to the last soldier and to prolong the confrontation.
In previous battles, which led to the freeing cities from the hands of the organization , such as Tikrit and Ramadi, the gunmen were withdrawing to other areas , leaving behind improvised explosive devices and ambushes houses booby - trapped. 
Although several information pointed to escape many of the senior leaders of the organization , including foreigners from Fallujah before the blockade, the Iraqi forces are cooperating and forces it expects a long standoff with militants remaining in the city. 
and managed the popular crowd of isolating the city from Khalidiyah Island , located to the northwest ofthem, and that the organization was used by the main road to navigate between Fallujah and other areas controlled by the country. forces , 
said Mohammad Salim, one official in the popular crowd forces as he stands in the north of the town ofSaqlawiyah, west of Fallujah , "this time is not like previous times, we today Nhazarethm completely after that come their supply." 
Salem added that "this situation may lead them to withstand more because the escape is not available infront of them, and wherever you are heading will find pieces of the army or the police or the popular crowd. " In 
turn, Saif Salem says, (24 years) from the band Imam Ali combat the Shia, which shake the dust off his face after he has just arrived back from the front lines with the organization, said "militants Daash trapped and donot have anywhere to flee, and no choice but to commit suicide." 
He said this young man coming from the city of Najaf "high morale and morale collapsed, we are faced within this party a few numbers they were hiding inside the tunnels, they want to drag us to the fighting inside thecity until hiding among the civilians. " the 
US - led coalition forces and managed to kill the most prominent leaders of the organization in Anbar province in an air strike on the sixth of May, and days later managed to coalition aircraft killed the military commander of the organization in Fallujah is known to Maher Albiloa. 
It is expected David T retired officer in the forces US Special to fight militants jihadist organization fiercely in Fallujah , whether they are caught or not. Said T "Before anything else, this place is a symbol of resistance to the Sunni since 2004." 
He said the officer, who previously worked as an adviser to the Iraqi counter - terrorist forces, "in the event that the organization Daash retain Fallujah it would be a great a moral blow." 
And inflicted Al - Qaeda in Iraq , the biggest loss of US military in Fallujah in 2004, since the Vietnam battles.And mobilize the US military in that year ten thousand soldiers from the elite equipped with all the advanced equipment and technology, and fought six weeks before being able to regain control of the city. 
The estimated number of elements of the organization in Fallujah gunman thousand, deployed within anetwork of tunnels waiting for progress of the Iraqi forces after they planted the roads IED. 
but Brigadier General Yahya did not believe the messenger, a spokesman for the joint Special operations command is responsible for fighting against Daash, that "regulation fighters are able to withstand a long time." He pointed out that "there are nearly 50,000 civilians still inside the city would delay the ongoing operations." 
The Messenger , "" The morale of the militants Daash collapsed, but the obvious priority for us in the armed forces is to save civilian lives and infrastructure of the city. " 
Continues to troops Iraq offered to liberate the city of Fallujah, one of the main strongholds of the jihadists ,west of Baghdad, despite the fierce resistance they face, and acknowledged the Pentagon that the attack "difficult." said ministry spokesman Jeff Davis said " the past two days showed that al Daash has the intention to fight." 
after the start of the raid Monday operations of the three axes, forces have made ​​the biggest progress on thesouthern axis , after passing Nuaimiya inspired by the martyrs. 
It is said that Lt. Gen. Abdul - Wahab al - Saadi, commander of the liberation of Fallujah operations, it wasannounced that there is fierce resistance from the militants , the extremist organization, told AFP . " there isresistance by al Daash. "explaining that" the militants Daash did Tuesday morning to launch an attack against Iraqi forces in Nuaimiya area , "and added that" about a hundred armed from Daash carried out the attack without the use of wheels bomb or suicide attacks. " 
He stressed Saadi said that the " forces Iraq responded to the attack and killed 75 militants, and continued toadvance toward the city center ", without giving any information on the number of casualties in the ranks of the Iraqi forces.

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