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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The fate of civilians disrupts the storming of Fallujah and Baghdad .. confused manner rescued from



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The fate of civilians disrupts the storming of Fallujah and Baghdad .. confused manner rescued from

Post by rocky on Sat Jun 04, 2016 3:35 am

The fate of civilians disrupts the storming of Fallujah and Baghdad .. confused manner rescued from the grip Daash

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

After the expiry of the 48 - hour deadline set by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to storm Fallujah, operations there are "almost completely" stopped confined to air strikes. 
This comes as forced elite forces, which arrived last week to the outskirts of theShuhada neighborhood, the first revival of Fallujah Center, withdrawal to the south, after coming under fierce resistance from Daash. He attacked the extremist group at dawn on Tuesday , "anti - terror" forces, and "Altktiah band", from the back out of the Western parties to spend Abu Grayb.ually Although the Iraqi military command, says it has killed most of the the attackers in that battle, but the security official in Anbar says that "troops withdrew because of a large number of suicide bombers" .uetoqa there are about a thousand gunman continued to Daash inside Fallujah, after shrinking their number by half since the start of operations two weeks ago. As announced military media cell, yesterday, for the killing of senior leaders of the organization bombed the leaders meeting in Fallujah. Suicide bombers Shuhada neighborhood , said a statement of thecell, which I followed (range), it is "based on accurate information to the National Intelligence Service, it directed the international coalition aircraft air strike killed the destruction of the command center of the terrorist gangs Daash main entrance to the tunnel network in the Po region of Jbeil , which extends to theShuhada neighborhood still inspired. " She said the cell that " the target site exists in which the so - called new military emir of the mandate of Fallujah , as well as dozens of Alangmasien, they were in a meeting." The statement stressed that " the bodies are still urging the rubble" In turn says see al - Issawi, head of thesecurity committee in the Anbar province, that " the troops returned from the Shuhada neighborhood because of the large number of suicide bombers there, and processes almost completely stopped inside the city ,fearing for civilians." He adds Issawi, in connection with the (range), "but operations on the outskirts of thecity continues, where the approaching forces of liberalization Saqlawiyah." Operations as limited in Fallujah , the center of the air strikes. Fear on civilians to both local and international parties began pressing the government last to pay to be patient progress to around Fallujah Center while output of civilians. He says alocal official in Anbar, they do not know how the troops will come out civilians, adding " they are prisoners inside ".oiqdr having between 60 to 100 thousand people in Fallujah, are still being held by the Daash, according to a member of the Anbar provincial council hilarious Mamed.ually though out about a thousand families since the beginning of the fighting two weeks ago, but that Muhammad Farhan confirms, in astatement (range), " the families are fleeing from the outskirts of Fallujah and not from within the city, where he did not come out of anybody there." and shut out the population Daash outlets inside Fallujah as "concrete walls" to prevent residents from leaving. And forced residents to conduct hazardous and rugged areas, including cross the rivers means primitive. He announced yesterday the sinking of an elderly man and two children in an attempt escape of civilians across the Euphrates River from Zoba southeastern Fallujah areas, to camps for displaced people in the Amiriyah Fallujah. Farhan Muhammad asserts that "Daash killed, yesterday, at the same port one of the fleeing civilians and wounding two others opened fire on fleeing Zoba. " for his part , he denied that Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi ordering a halt to military operations to restore the city of Fallujah. He spoke Abadi, on Thursday, from inside a military vehicle near the battles for theliberation of Fallujah to the soldiers. "Yes , we have supported from the air by friends and others, but fighting on the ground are the only Iraqis heroes who liberate their land ...." The prime minister said, after theexpiration of the 48 - hour period set for the storming of Fallujah, said that "Daash trying to exploit packages explosive devices and snipers to slow down the movement of troops, "he stressed , saying" I have no doubt that we soon we will raise the Iraqi flag together in Fallujah , ".oaalnt United Nations children's Fund (UNICEF), last Wednesday, the existence of at least twenty thousand children trapped inside Fallujah. She also said the UN representative in Iraq , said Lise Grande , UN officials "received credible reports that Daash brings together families in the city center is not allowed to leave the assembly points." She told reporters that "this indicates that Daash can use them or perhaps intended to use them as human shields." And confirmed that they are "in grave danger in the event of a military confrontation , " the UN .oothart these concerns with the Iraqi government , which slowed the pace of operations to try to protect the beleaguered families. The UN official said the government was "fully aware" of the need to protect civilians during the attack. " Theprocess is moving slower than planned." Popular crowd warns its part League of the Righteous Movement warned, yesterday, that some countries , which it described as "supportive of Daash" exert great pressure on the prime minister to stop the battle to liberate Fallujah. Jawad Tlabawi, a spokesman for the movement saidin a statement seen by the (range), said that "some of the countries supporting the Daash exert great pressure on Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi in order to stop the battle to liberate Fallujah." he added Tlabawi "We have seen in the past two days stalemate in military operations, so call Abadi not to bow to outside pressure, and he has to respect the will of the Iraqi people , calling for the liberation of the land of Iraq from terrorists. " and met the crowd 's recent decision to refrain from entering the city positive feedback among officials in Fallujah. And considered Mayor eliminate Saadoun al - Shaalan as a "reassurance to the residents of Fallujah message." He criticized al - Shaalan, earlier, which he described as "sectarian behavior" of some of the popular crowd factions, warning that such behavior will lose Iraqi forces sources confidence inside Fallujah. But the head of parliament Salim al - Jubouri, revealed the information to indicate the commission ofmembers of the police Federation and some volunteers excesses and abuses against civilians in the liberation of Fallujah process. he also said an alliance of Iraqi forces, last week, that he had information from vine city, which recently freed, according to the bombing of a mosque great karma and two mosques others, and violations of the role of citizens and their property. but the Mayor of Fallujah reduced, in an interview with the(range), these fears by saying , "this will not happen in Fallujah. there are guarantees from the government this time, and the crowd far more disciplined." He revealed the deputy chief of the crowd Abu Mahdi Mohandes, in a television interview last week, about the presence of detainees from the crowd were arrested for offenses they had committed, kept inside a private prison is linked to the Court of the Central Criminal in Baghdad. the engineer said that "our past experience confirms that we have not unfair to families in places where we entered it and if there was an accident or two are recorded. " the leader of the Badr Organization ,Hadi al - Amiri said , days after the start of the liberation of Fallujah operations, said that the popular crowd forces will participate only in the cordon operations and will leave the Army the task of storming the city, pointing out that the " popular crowd will not enter the city unless the army attack failed. "

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