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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Counter-terrorism and liberation Saqlawiyah besieging Daash in two regions south of Fallujah



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Counter-terrorism and liberation Saqlawiyah besieging Daash in two regions south of Fallujah

Post by rocky on Sun 05 Jun 2016, 3:31 am

Counter-terrorism and liberation Saqlawiyah besieging Daash in two regions south of Fallujah

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

It confirmed the Joint Special Operations Command, on Saturday, that the band 14 of the Iraqi army , the popular and the crowd were able to break into the Saqlawiyah center point of the highway and invoking the Iraqi flag on the premises. 
According to a statement command, "coalition aircraft and dealt a blow to a boat carrying agroup of militants , organized as they tried to flee of Saqlawiyah across the Euphrates river and killed them all , ".otattabr Saqlawiyah importance strategy of the organization in terms of supply being the link between Fallujah and the island of Khalidiya extended to Anbar desert , which is still the organization controlled down to Sharqat and then to Almousel.aly it, Saqlawiyah local council announced, yesterday, the liberation of all the districts located north of Fallujah, raising the Iraqi flag over the government complex. While Bush 'sevacuation of 5,000 civilians , mostly women and children, he pointed to the deaths of dozens of members ofal - Daash. 
Jassim said Mohammadi, director of Saqlawiyah in an interview (range Press), " The joint forces have, thisafternoon, of clearing all Saqlawiyah areas, north of Fallujah, raising the Iraqi flag over the government complex, the center point , "stressing that" the operation that killed dozens of members of al - Daash . "He added Mohammadi said" security forces evacuated 5,000 civilians from the liberated areas , "adding that" security forces commenced an operation dismantling IEDs and address the booby - trapped houses in theareas of Saqlawiyah, as well as combing neighborhoods to address pockets (Daash), if any. " 
He said local official said the " joint forces and security committees have isolated all the men and young people who have been evacuated within families in Saqlawiyah areas for investigation and audit their names to hunt down wanted men , "pointing out that" will be released to prove the absence of a lawsuit against him or had no link to al (Daash). "in the same context, the Commission folk crowd edit Saqlawiyah which she described as" the last bastion of Daash outside Fallujah , "confirmed, and pledged to "uprooting terrorism from its roots . " He said Ahmed al - Asadi, a spokesman for the popular crowd in a statement received (long - Presse) a copy of it, that "your sons and brothers of the sons of the crowd the popular sacred and theattribution of army troops and federal police, they were able to enter the Saqlawiyah center and raising theIraqi flag in and edit in full, and the fulfillment of their Covenant they made ​​you clean up the land from Conception terrorism Aldaasha. " 
He said al - Asadi that" Saqlawiyah they represent the last bastion of Doaash outside Fallujah city center and edited, is terrorism , gasping for breath in Fallujah, "he said . " Snqtal roots of terrorism will not deter us cries malevolent nor rumors Almrgevin for complete duty and ground clearance and maintenance offer ", stressing said , " the later morning and Oqrabh "Iraqi forces .obdot support of the international coalition led byWashington, on 23 May last, the process (breaking up terrorist) to edit Fallujah , according to several stages. the 
security forces carried out in two phases complete the encirclement of the city from the four points of aprelude to release it from the grip of terrorists who control the city since January the meantime, no longer separated by security forces only 3 km from the Qaimmqamah district of Fallujah, after the recent rush to city ​​center from the south axis, after the progress witnessed in the northern axis after controlling Saqlawiyah. 
General Abdul - Wahab al - Saadi, commander of the liberation of Fallujah operations, said in a statement for "Frans Press" yesterday that "our troops have surrounded now Jubail inspired martyrs southern part of Fallujah center. " 
He added that the military commander of the security forces separated" from Qaimmqamah district ofFallujah building 3 km. " He "took control of our forces on the Saqlawiyah fully road between Falluja, Saqlawiya and a length of 10 km north of Fallujah . " For his part, Hadi al - Amiri, the commander of the main factions of the popular crowd told Iraqi television that " the first stage and the second from the operation ended cordoned off and isolate the city of Fallujah , and we will leave editing of the army and the police and the fight against terrorism. " 
He said Amiri" We will keep one hole south of Fallujah from the corridor safe for families that were unable to escape from the city. " 
declared the media - Harbi cell, noon Saturday, storming counterterrorism Fallujah city Authority forces (62 km west of Baghdad ), from the south side, and while confirming control Nuaimiya region, stressing that the anti - terror forces surrounded the al - Daash in two areas. 
the military media cell in a statement received (range Press), a copy of it, that " the heroes of the fight against terrorism apparatus stormed the city of Fallujah south side controll Nuaimiya zone. " He pointed out that the "anti - terrorism device forces surrounded the al - Daash in Jubail and the martyrs." 
Stormed the joint forces, last weekend, Fallujah , the center of a three - pronged what marked the beginning of a new phase of regaining control of the city , which is one strongholds organize major Daash in the process Iraq. But the security forces quickly slowed down its operation to protect civilians and provide safe outlets for their exit from areas where military clashes. 
In another context, the Anbar provincial council revealed, the displacement of 10 thousand people from thepeople of the areas of Fallujah and its environs so far. 
He said Abdul Qader al - Jumaili, media advisor to the Provincial Council Anbar, in a statement, received a(long - Presse), a copy of it, that " the number of parents who were able to flee the areas Saqlawiyah and Alazrkih and Alsjr north of Fallujah exceeded ten thousand." 
He added Jumaili that "all displaced people were transported with great difficulty to the Amiriyah Fallujah camps and Habbaniyah south of the city "noting that" the transfer of flight lasted for two days due to security constraints. " 
He accused the media adviser" of international organizations and the ministries of immigration and health indifference to contain the crisis and to provide food and medical aid is fast and smooth , "stressing that" thedisplaced are living critical conditions inside the camps. " 
He revealed Jumaili for "the presence of more than 1,000 men are still being held by the security forces for the purpose of verifying their identities , " expressing surprise for "not to release them after a long time to investigate them."

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