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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Snipers Daash pursuing fleeing Fallujah, on the banks of the Euphrates and claims to provide boats a



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Snipers Daash pursuing fleeing Fallujah, on the banks of the Euphrates and claims to provide boats a

Post by rocky on Mon 06 Jun 2016, 3:15 am

Snipers Daash pursuing fleeing Fallujah, on the banks of the Euphrates and claims to provide boats and bridges

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

After a short break the elite forces returned again to attack the southern neighborhoods of the city of Fallujah, but very slowly to avoid trapped civilians. 
But warned the joint forces did not prevent casualties among civilians , especially those who are trying to escape from the city, it has killed at least 10 people killed by Daash, according to security sources. it entered edit Fallujah operation its third week, during which he managed the joint forces, comprising the army, police and popular crowd, edited most of the areas, villages and neighborhoods, around Fallujah Pench 80%, according to field leaders. the local officials in Fallujah and Anbar have talked about the stop to storm Fallujah , the center of the process because of fears of casualties among civilians who prevents Daash they came out of the safe corridors identified by the joint Special operations command. The witnesses have talked to (range), recently, for the organization to close thelanes out Bechtel concrete and deploy snipers to prevent residents from leaving the city in response to repeated calls by the government before the start of operations. the estimated international organizations , the presence of at least 50 thousand civilians inside Fallujah, warning that the organization has recruited thousands of children to participate in the fighting, as she feared shelter militants among the locals.prosecuted displaced security sources said that the Amiriyah Fallujah Hospital, south of Fallujah, received during the past few days, the bodies of 13 dead , some drowned and others were killed as a result of gunshot wounds militants of the organization during an attempt to escape from Zoba areas towards "Amiriyah."civilians fleeing uses of east Fallujah , transport primitive to cross the river, causing the sinking of a number ofthem, especially Kbaralsn and children. He says Amal Fahdawi, a member of the Anbar province in connection with the (range) yesterday, " the number of boats stationed at the crossing towards the Amiriyah Fallujah arevery few." He added Fahdawi " the Daash chasing fleeing the ongoing operations sniper , " stressing "the existence of a committee of the provincial council waiting for the population on the bank of the river the other with a car designed to take them to the camp for displaced people in Amiriyah." for his part , called Mohammed Karbouli, MP for Anbar and a member of the security committee of parliamentary, Ministry ofInterior and police river to create boats capable of carrying fleeing civilians from Daash across the Euphrates River. Karbouli said, in a press statement yesterday , seen by (range) yesterday, "the formations of theengineering effort in the Ministry of defense create field bridges as an integral part of the evictions and theevacuation of civilians in the process of pages edit Fallujah city, and this is what we were afraid of it. "missing in karma and so far, local authorities confirm in Anbar as" controlling "the number of families that came from the outskirts of Fallujah, but they are afraid of the big wave of displacement in the case approached the joint forces from the city center. and emphasizes the local authorities not to register any case of displacement of Fallujah , center, at a time when about 10 thousand civilians arrived recently to areas Astir by the Iraqi army, displaced Saqlawiyah and areas on the outskirts of Fallujah. and taken displaced men after access to the control of the security forces zones, to military bases for interrogation, while the women go to camps for the displaced. but Solomon ruled, adviser in Anbar province, says that " the province does not know the fate of about 73 people came out of the outskirts of Fallujah toward the vine." He revealed Sulaiman, in connection with the (range), " the Anbar province handed over to the government in Baghdad , the names of the missing, where we do not know the party that held them or investigate them. " declared Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, Saturday, all issued an order to stop accused of" overshoot "on citizens during the military operations in Fallujah, as pointed out that these abuses "are not systematic." Ebadi said, in comments reported by state television and followed up (range), said that "there are mistakes and I have to admit, our fighters participated battles of Fallujah are not one style," pointing out that "we do not accept any bypass and stressed the security agencies be sensitive to human rights and respect for their dignity. " the alliance of theIraqi forces have been warned of the continuation of what he called" violations "against the people of Fallujah, as pointed out that what is happening in the city is a test of true national determines the fate of the upcoming battles, especially the battle of Mosul. resumption of fighting it denied commander of the liberation of Fallujah operations team Abdul - Wahab al - Saadi, the news leaked out about his removal from office. he said al -Saadi said in press statements, that he "is at the headquarters of operations and managed fully." came thecommander of Fallujah 's remarks two days stopped storming Fallujah operation yet, because of the intensity of the presence of civilians inside Fallujah. and forced the elite forces, which reached the outskirts of theShuhada neighborhood, the first revival of Fallujah Center, to withdraw towards the camp Tariq, adjacent to Fallujah after coming under fierce resistance from Daash. but the fight against terrorism and battalions forces contingency Anbar backed by mobilizing clans and operations of Fallujah, returned Saturday , under attack from the same axis , which pulled out of it. confirms see al - Issawi, head of the security committee in the Anbar ,, that " the Shuhada neighborhood and the area of Byblos have become by virtue of controlling them, as they were within the range of Iraqi troops fire." in the meantime , the joint forces continue to cleanse therest of the axes process Mahtih Fallujah. Attribute Ghassan Ithawi, one of the tribal leaders in Anbar, a repeat attack from the southern hub of Fallujah, to the readiness of this cutter before the start of the liberalization process. He explained Ithawi, in connection with the (range), that " the areas where troops advanced towards the Shuhada neighborhood, which had been liberated before the start of operations, and only Nuaimiya freed a few days ago , "leaving them. And he noted leader of the clan that "progress is very cautious, because thedensity of packages and suicide bombers, and concern for the safety of civilians." But Ithawi to rule out that there will be "surprises" in the other axes, which is witnessing simultaneous security forces advanced.

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