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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Najafi set off: We agree with Daash in some of his actions and Mosul will not accept Shiite editing



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Najafi set off: We agree with Daash in some of his actions and Mosul will not accept Shiite editing

Post by rocky on Mon 06 Jun 2016, 6:00 am

[rtl]Najafi set off: We agree with Daash in some of his actions and Mosul will not accept Shiite editing[/rtl]

[rtl]BAGHDAD / Sky Press: Mary finest[/rtl]
[rtl]Former governor of Mosul Liberation of Iraq, on Monday, that the majority of Mosul's residents believe that it is better to maintain the survival of captive under Daash instead of liberation by Shiite army, noting that Daash achieved decentralized governance and we agree with some of the things that he has done.[/rtl]
[rtl]And put the Daily Telegraph newspaper obsessed about a statement the former governor of Mosul Liberation of Iraq headline in an interview which he says "can learn from Daash," saying, if Najafi form of military force seeking to liberate the city from Sunni Islamist al "Daash," but he pointed out that there are things It can be learned from the rule of militants "Daash" of the city.[/rtl]
[rtl]The newspaper report indicates that "national mobilization" forces, the problem of former generals in the Iraqi army and displaced from Mosul, began their training at their base in Bashiqa, about 10 kilometers from Mosul attack on the process to restore the city.[/rtl]
[rtl]The paper stresses that "this force, consisting of about 10 thousand men receive support and advice from the Turkish troops on the ground as well as helping the US-led coalition forces, according to Najafi."[/rtl]
[rtl]The paper says the governor of Mosul, who fled when he increased the militants to organize the state flag on the city in June 2014, runs his office far from the capital of the Kurdistan region, Arbil, 50 miles from Mosul, in spite of his dismissal last year of the Iraqi parliament, which carry some of the responsibility for the fall of Mosul, he says that "the people of Mosul should be the ones of the free city."[/rtl]
[rtl]He adds Najafi in a recent paper, "While some of Mosul's population wants freedom from Daash at any cost, the majority believes that it is better to stay captive under their rule rather than liberation by Shiite army."[/rtl]
[rtl]It stresses Najafi on to say, "Daash able to take Mosul in 2014 because the people at the time believed that their government does not care about them, and they looked to the Iraqi army as an occupying power does not represent them .. For many the idea of ​​an Islamic caliphate led by attractive year."[/rtl]
[rtl]The paper says that with the adoption of Najafi that life has become difficult under the rule of "Daash" organization, which flogged population and Asjnhm and execute them for the crimes of his view, a small acts such as smoking, but he says the city has flourished in some ways, in the words of the newspaper.[/rtl]
[rtl]Explains Najafi "What could Daash do is to decentralize the government, no longer Mosul's future be decided by politicians in Baghdad, we agree with some of the things that he has done to organize Daash not agree with other things," he continued Najafi, "We follow the changes do not go backward to what we were before. "[/rtl]
[rtl]The local sources in Nineveh province has been revealed, earlier, for the issuance of an arrest warrant by the integrity against former governor of Nineveh Ethel Nujaifi Court in accordance with Article 315 of the Iraqi Penal Code.[/rtl]
[rtl]The Iraqi parliament has voted in the past year on the dismissal of the governor of Nineveh Liberation of Iraq, a majority of 169 votes out of 218.[/rtl]
[rtl]The magazine Foreign Policy of America revealed, earlier, documents seized by the CIA in a US-Iraqi raid in 2010 and published in the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point Center for the military indicated that some Sunni politicians prominent in Iraq, such as Ethel Najafi, Rafie al-Issawi and Deldara Zebari and others cooperated with what was called the Islamic State of Iraq in 2009 when US forces suffer the darkest clocks[/rtl]

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