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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Security forces penetrate fortifications Daash the martyrs and Jbeil, a prelude to the storming of F



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Security forces penetrate fortifications Daash the martyrs and Jbeil, a prelude to the storming of F

Post by rocky on Tue 07 Jun 2016, 3:17 am

Security forces penetrate fortifications Daash the martyrs and Jbeil, a prelude to the storming of Fallujah Center

 Anbar / long-Presse 

While security forces announced the release area in terms of Amiriyah and break theconcentration of the organization Daash zones in the regions of the martyrs and Jbeil inside Fallujah Center, foiled an attempt to attack the Haditha District, west of Ramadi confirmed.   
Colonel Orans Mohammed al - Issawi, the commander of the second battalion in the brigade Shield of Fallujah in an interview (range Press), " The joint forces managed to free orphans neighborhood of the district ofAmiriyah district (22 km south of Fallujah), after fierce battles that killed dozens of members of al - Daash." 
He said the commander of the regiment of the crowd for the popular " The security forces were able to destroy three cars bomb and blow up a rocket launcher , and the destruction of three additives for organizing near the banks of the Euphrates River during the editing process , "noting that" cleansing continuing fighting in the southwestern cutter of Fallujah. " 
He attributed Issawi reasons for delay in offering the pieces of combat to" the existence of improvised explosive devices in the main roads, as well as the existence of hundreds of families who have taken toorganize Daash human shields. " in 
turn, said a source in the leadership of the liberation of Fallujah operations in Anbar province, that the security forces were able to break into the regions of the martyrs and Jubail , south of Fallujah. 
the source said the extent w to (long - Presse)," the troops joint stormed the regions of the martyrs and Jubail, south of Fallujah, after the destruction of the defensive lines to organize Daash and blow their deployment areas, especially heavy weapons used by the organization in the southern Ocean for the Fallujah sites. " 
the source, who asked not to be named, said : " the security forces penetrated the stationing Daash areas in martyrs and Byblos to ensure the opening of safe ways to enter the tanks and armor and ground pieces ofcombat to clear neighborhoods of the elements of the terrorist organization. " 
this comes at a time when the announced the leadership of the island operations and the desert, thwart security forces trying to organize Daash to attack Haditha District, west of Ramadi (110 km west Baghdad), while confirming the death of 30 members of the organization during the operation. 
he said Major General Qassim al- Muhammadi, commander of the island 's operations and the desert in aninterview (range Press), " the security forces conducted an operation targeting communities to organize Daash near the hand of Anah, west of Haditha District (170 km west of Ramadi), while trying to attack the judiciary, killing 30 elements of the organization and the destruction of ten cars bearing unilateral weapon. " 
He added Mohammadi" the security forces carried out a military operation simultaneously advance against theterrorist organization gatherings in Alkasirat area, northeast of modern, leading to destroy armored vehicles and wheel Hummer and a truck Fawn bomb type was trying to elements of al - Daash targeting ground forces circumference judiciary . "in a related context, said Lt. Col. Nazim Aljughaifi, director of intelligence for thebrigade withstand the modern during the interview (range Press)," the elements of al - Daash fired 10 Katyusha rockets from west corner area of Haditha district, (170 km west of Anbar) fell within the popular market area Ahaaa, amid modern, wounding eight civilians were seriously injured. " 
He added Aljughaifi, that" the security forces carried out the raids and searches in the area corner and retaliated by firing Daash missiles that targeted the modern with the search for centers and rocket launchers used by the organization in the targeting of civilians and military pieces sources , "noting that" the joint forces in Haditha District has strengthened its presence in all the entrances and the perimeter of the judiciary inanticipation of terrorist attacks by elements of the organization To remedy any breach of terrorism before ithappens. "

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