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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US newspaper: Doaash Europe started to flee from Iraq and Syria



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US newspaper: Doaash Europe started to flee from Iraq and Syria

Post by rocky on Thu 09 Jun 2016, 3:47 am

US newspaper: Doaash Europe started to flee from Iraq and Syria

 translation term 

Revealed universally known American newspaper, the increasing "apostasy and schism" among Daash against the backdrop of"successive defeats , " which recently suffered in Iraq and Syria, indicating that more than 150 militants of the organization they belong six countries contacted during the past few months, their missions diplomacy in Turkey to help them return to their home countries. 
the Wall Street Journal , Wall Street journal American Journal, in a report I followed (range Press), " therebound in the defection of foreign fighters in the ranks of Daash rate has increased, where they took appealing to their countries to help them to return to coincide with the height regulation losses and lost a lot of land in Iraq and Syria. " 
the paper quoted, diplomats as saying, that there is " an increase in the demand of foreign fighters who liberated from the illusions of the organization to connect their governments to extend a helping hand to them to return to their countries. " 
Wall Street, said that" more than 150 foreign fighters from Six countries have over the past few months tocommunicate diplomatic their missions in Turkey to help them return from Iraq and Syria to their countries. " 
Western diplomats said, according to the newspaper, they" received confidential phone calls from people inside the Raqqa region, which is the stronghold of Daash president in Syria, as well as all messages from theforeign fighters have fled amid waste paper asking for help to return to their countries. " 
said France 's national intelligence coordinator, Didier to Ebert, during a security conference held recently, said that" many French returned after their conviction that things are not going in their favor. " 
The fighters foreigners "apostates" who manage to escape to Turkey, are subject to strict investigations of local officials in Turkey as well as other investigators from their country of origin, to make sure that they are Aahklon a threat to their own countries if they return to it. 
this is under Daash group to military pressure severe; in Fallujah seems that its stronghold on the verge offalling, while Baghdad - starting with the support of the US air force - a campaign restore Mosul. 
In the military custom of these developments look promising but still far - fetched. There are a lot of players have different goals. However , even if these operations, the policy is not promising so difficult to imagine thedefeat of the final Daash. 
In 2007 , al - Qaida and amounted to extinction after the US military momentum, but the extremists havereturned stronger than the previous five years. The decisive weapon in the momentum of 2007 is awakening - a hundred thousand fighters of the year turned against al Qaeda because of its brutality. Thus was themarginalization of the Awakening and disassembled and oppression by the government in Baghdad , which was deemed an armed threat to it . The 
situation today is the progress of the regular Iraqi forces to Fallujah, and civilians fleeing stuck between two fires; Fdaash killed trying to escape while hundreds of those who managed to escape are tortured from before Iraqi parties accuse them of being a fifth column for Daash. in 
other words , that the Sunni citizens are trapped between tyranny and Alarhab.ohma explains that defeat Daash group and eliminate the threat requires a strategy of tactical safe and transform the feelings of theSunni Arabs against it . 
He says Fabrice Balanci, French thinker at the Washington Institute for the Financial Times, "even if youenable the various participants in the fight Daash of defeat, they will need to turn down the locals for thegroup said they hoped completely defeated." 
US focus, shrinking influence in the region after failing which followed the invasion of Iraq, and President Obama 's decision in 2013 not to take action against Assad 's regime after crossing the red line using nerve gas, are restricted military efforts against Daash, it is between the two main allies Turkey preoccupied withpreventing more Kurds gains in Syria, while they Arabia first and last is the face of Iran in the region. 
the Daash group continues to land loss, but what the United States and Russia failed to agree on the one hand, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey on the other hand, to draw a united political path, it is difficult to see afading Daash of the Sunni world.

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