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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Fleeing from Fallujah: Daash food used to recruit fighters empty except of dates and dry city



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Fleeing from Fallujah: Daash food used to recruit fighters empty except of dates and dry city

Post by rocky on Thu 09 Jun 2016, 3:50 am

Fleeing from Fallujah: Daash food used to recruit fighters empty except of dates and dry city

 BAGHDAD / Reuters 

Iraqis said fled Fallujah with the advancing government troops and allied forces on thecity they were living on dates , although militants regulation using food in recruiting fighters who starve their relatives starve. 
The imposition of fighters militants heavily guarded food warehouses in the besieged city near Baghdad, which had controlled in January 2014 , six months after the declaration of the State succession in large areas of Iraq and Syria. before 
Hana Mehdi Fayyad (23 years), one of the Alsjr area on the north eastern outskirts of Fallujah, said that its fighters had visited families regularly after running out of food and offered to provide supplies those who join the ranks. 
she added , "they said they will give him a neighbor sack of flour if his son joined them refused and fled when they went with his family." " I left because it was left food or wood to ignite the fire in addition to that thebombing was very close to our home." 
She said she and others interviewed by Reuters at a school turned into a refugee center in the government -controlled east of Fallujah , the town of Garma They do not have money to buy food from Altnzim.ccant Iraqi government has stopped paying the salaries of workers in the city and other cities under the control of theorganization a year ago and in order to prevent the organization for the money. 
She escaped Hana from Alsjr on may 27 , four days after the start of the government forces attack on Fallujah , with a 15 - group members of her relatives and neighbors and walked across farmland waving white flags. 
the majority of the displaced who have taken refuge in the hospital in the vine and 1,500 people are women and children because the army men being led to isolation and examined to make sure there was no link tothem Bdaash. Hana said she is waiting to hear news of her two brothers , who are subject to theinvestigation. 
He said Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi last week that he was slowing down the attack to protect tens of thousands of civilians caught in Fallujah under the limited supplies of water, food and electricity. 
Hana The situation is very difficult in the city. " The only thing remaining in the few stores open it dates .. pass Old dry .. and even this expensive." 
Said Nizar Hadi flowers (45 years) said the militants had asked her family to move from Alsjr to Fallujah itself in an apparent attempt to use them as human shields. She said , "We hid. There was gunfire, mortars and clashes .. we have been hiding out that the troops came" and was accompanied to the displaced center. 
She blossoms that militants took hundreds of people and their livestock with them to Fallujah. She said , "Life was tough .. very difficult .. private and we do not receive salaries and pensions." 
She continued , "During the last seven months , ran out of everything we have and we had to rely on dates and water. Flour, rice, cooking oil , no longer exists at a reasonable price." 
the price of flour bag , which weighs 50 kg , 500 thousand dinars ($ 428.45) , or about half the monthly salary of an employee Iraqis average. 
the Abadi had ordered the attack on Fallujah , which lies 50 kilometers west of Baghdad , after a series of bombings that regulate Daash claimed by hit neighborhoods Shiite capital. 
According to estimates of the US Army to be between 500 and 700 are militant in Fallujah. The alliance says the armed Shiite factions , which helps the Iraqi army in the attack on the city that the number of its fighters approaching 2500. 
The United Nations says about 50 thousand civilians remain in Fallujah , which is under siege since December when he regained the Iraqi army , the capital of Anbar province town of Ramadi , to the west them. 
when asked what he blossoms militants Daash say civilians in Fallujah answered her child , aged six years byreading a verse from the Koran , "be patient God is with the patient."

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