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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Counter-terrorism 3 km from the center of Fallujah .. and militants infiltrating among the displaced



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Counter-terrorism 3 km from the center of Fallujah .. and militants infiltrating among the displaced

Post by rocky on Sat 11 Jun 2016, 3:25 am

Counter-terrorism 3 km from the center of Fallujah .. and militants infiltrating among the displaced

 Baghdad / term 

Going process of progress toward the center of Fallujah, very slowly , two days after thefirst control of the southern neighborhoods of the city after. As elements Daash began toshave their beards and hiding among thedisplaced clothed women. 
He says tribal leader within the tribal alliance anti-Daash that the joint forces exercise civilian casualties in thefighting, which is still a lot of people hostage , but the militants. 
She stressed coordinated international mission for Humanitarian Affairs , Lise Grande that tens of thousands of civilians in Fallujah did not have access to safe areas. 
she Grande, in an interview with one of the stations the US yesterday, " the United Nations is concerned about Iraqi civilians trapped inside Fallujah , " adding , "We do not know the numbers of civilians there, but tens of thousands of Iraqis have despaired and were unable to escape and access to safe places, we have to make sure they get the support and care they need. " 
the Grande earlier confirmed that about 5,000 people have managed to escape from the remote areas in thevicinity of Fallujah, while residents of the town center was unable one of them escape, emphasizing that theprotection of civilians a top priority for the United Nations. 
dominated the joint forces, last week, the neighborhood of the second of the martyrs, a southern residential neighborhoods in the city, as called Badr Organization leader and leader of the popular crowd Hadi al - Amiri inhabitants of the city to evacuate before storming of the joint forces. 
a spokesman for the anti - terrorism forces Numan morning, in a press statement, said that "counter -terrorism forces liberated the entire second Shuhada area of control Daash, and raised the Iraqi flag on theliving buildings." 
Pedroh said Mahmoud al - Jumaili, a former colonel in the army the Iraqi commander of the vine Regiment in connection with the (range), " the anti - terror forces became just 3 km away from Fallujah Center after theliberation of Shuhada neighborhood." 
He Jumaili that " in front of other important areas of the Iraqi forces, are considered strongholds Daash in Fallujah, such as still shy of the Golan Heights. " 
she said the joint operations, last week, that the second Shuhada neighborhood, is the first important area in the center of Fallujah is released. And considered leadership in the press releases that the storming of theneighborhood and to control it will pave the entry to the rest of the city of Fallujah and its neighborhoods. 
The commander retake Fallujah operations Lt. Gen. Abdul Wahab al - Saadi, announced earlier, that thesecurity forces were advancing towards the center of Fallujah from the south side , "but it is progressing cautiously to preserve the lives of civilians. " He stressed that "in the coming days we will announce theliberation of Fallujah." 
After the Emancipation Proclamation this region, arrived in the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, to theleadership of the liberation of Fallujah operations headquarters, for the fourth time since the start ofoperations, the end of last month, where he held a meeting with security and military leaders, according to astatement issued by the information office. 
He says Faisal Alasavi, a member of the Anbar tribes anti Council Daash, that " the war in Fallujah universal, because all the states look at what is happening in the city and some prey on our mistakes." 
Alasavi said in a conversation with (range) that " the forces joint slowly moving toward Fallujah Center, fearing for the lives of civilians , "stressing that the" Daash collapsed and began its elements to shave beards dressed up as women 's clothing to hide among the displaced. " 
for his part , the deployment of Brigadier General Yahya messenger on his page in Facebook, depiction illustrates flee elements Daash of after deposed clothing fighting. 
he revealed Anbar police chief Maj . Gen. Hadi Rseg, on Thursday, the arrest of 180 members of theorganization Daash had infiltrated with the displaced families from Fallujah and its environs. 
he Rseg in a press statement that " the security forces confirmed that the arrests were part of ranks Daash and infiltrated with displaced people from Fallujah. " 
 on the other hand, Iraqi forces managed to cleanse the villages of peace and Walnut and Abu Jmaa and share Khuytlh, right down to the Lake Thar Thar, and detonated 30 explosive device and four car bombs and dismantled five booby - trapped houses. 
for his part, announced that the federal police chief team Raed Shakir Jawdat that the federal police killed four terrorists during provided in the "axis of the river" area toward the center of the city of Fallujah, also killed 15 terrorists from "Daash."

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