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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US Treasury: Daash impose new taxes to cope with financial crisis



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US Treasury: Daash impose new taxes to cope with financial crisis

Post by rocky on Sat 11 Jun 2016, 3:38 am

US Treasury: Daash impose new taxes to cope with financial crisis

 Baghdad / term 

A senior official in the US Treasury said al Daash facing difficulties in paying its fighters 'salaries and was forced to impose new taxes to compensate for the result of the bombing of the international coalition losses, was quoted by the AFP. 
He said Daniel Glaser minister in charge ofAssistant combating the financing of terrorism "when we receive information about the lack of the ability of the organization to pay the fighters ' salaries and tried to compensation from other sources of income, we know the time we hit him in a painful place. " 
led bombing since August 2014 , led by the United States to" disorder "in the production of oil fields, dominated by the extremist organization in Iraq , where revenues amounted to about "$ 500 million" by 2015, meaning half of the total revenues, according to Glaser. 
the official said during a hearing before a congressional committee , "despite the difficulty identified, the strikes have limited without doubt the ability of the regulation on the production and sale of oil and take profit as it was in the past." 
He added that the recent air raids also targeted hideouts cash reserve, which led to deprive extremist organization more than $ 100 million. 
to compensate for the shortfall, he began to organize Daash which controls large swathes of territory in Syria and Iraq in February to impose taxes on most of the population poorer after they Mafuen them, also resorted to more operations "blackmail" to finance its activities, according to Glaser. 
showed a study published in mid - April the Office "IHS Jane" the same direction, noting that Daash revenues declined by 30% since this year Almadi.aota at a time when the Saudi Interior Ministry revealed the existence of a Saudi authorities collect donations for the organization Daash under the guise of helping "children ofFallujah", and stressed tighten its procedures in this regard. As referred to the condemnation of 226 people financing "terrorist" activities, promised that the control of the "people 's emotions , " is not possible. 
A spokesman for the Saudi Interior Ministry Maj . Gen. Mansour al- Turki said in a statement quoted by thenewspaper (The Washington Post), " The control of the people 's emotions is possible, but what can theKingdom of Saudi Arabia that is controlled by the counterfeit relief campaigns that aim to raise money under the name of ( the children of Fallujah), while in reality it aims to finance terrorism. " 
the Turkish that" Saudi Arabia itself has suffered from terrorism, where he witnessed the occurrence of more than 63 attack by al - Qaida and the organization Daash including 26 offensive during the past two years has killed more than 200 civilians and policemen , "he said , adding that" the Saudi government was since 2004 monitors any donations to the cause of campaign specific to point out the limits of the country. " 
He said Turkey should" All donations go to the outside pass through the official channels, "he" condemn nearly 226 people terrorist financing such activities. " 
He said the Turkish" any financing of terrorism by the rich in the Saudi criminal act , "stressing that" the Saudi government monitors any appeal for charitable donations carried out by the actors on television or social networking sites on the internet, where the government has allocated the number (990) to communicate with the relevant authorities in the event of doubt in any campaign fundraising campaign. "

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