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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daash leaders fleeing with their families displaced people fleeing from Fallujah



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Daash leaders fleeing with their families displaced people fleeing from Fallujah

Post by rocky on Sun 12 Jun 2016, 3:52 am

Daash leaders fleeing with their families displaced people fleeing from Fallujah

 Baghdad / AFP 

Leroy Abu Marwan, one of the few civilians with his wife and three children who managed to escape from the city of Fallujah , thesuffering of the past two with the terrorists and the difficulty of escape. 
And managed about twenty thousand people, mostly from the outskirts of the city ofFallujah (50 km west of Baghdad) to escape to safe areas since the start of military operations to restore thecity from the grip of the jihadists on 23 May. 
he was able Abu Marwan , 40, and his family to leave Fallujah this week, with tens of thousands of civilians still trapped inside. 
said Abu Marwan, in a telephone interview with AFP, " I did not walk away Fallujah when seized Daash them at the end of 2013. we expect that the crisis will end in a matter of weeks or months, but the gunmen took the stress on the people and impose their laws and fatwas and began to publish barriers and plant bombs in the streets. " 
He added , " this continued throughout 2014 and 2015 , the during which the organization will close all theentrances and exits of Fallujah barriers concrete and explosives .... deteriorated our condition of living with thebeginning of this year. " 
the aggravation of the situation with the start of the government forces attack on Fallujah, he decided Marwan Lafrar.oohar" you and one of my neighbors to call someone named Abu Omar, one Daash known Buale the southern part of Fallujah codes, in order to facilitate ran away from the city. On the other hand , we smuggled his wife with us , "he said , adding that" the deal was with him to get his wife to Kirkuk. " 
He said the organization" Daash called on the wives of the militants follow the name of the State and the rest of the women of the city women commoners name. " It was agreed with the " governor "in two days , Abu Marwan and equipped his car , which has stepped up her family and the wife of Abu Omar. 
" It stopped us on the many checkpoints, but when we say that Abu Omar sent leave us a tiger, then appeared the governor as he leads a motorcycle in front of us to open the way for us, and asked us to stay on a hundred meters from him , " a distance, noting" We went then to the nearby Euphrates River Zoba region. "However , " along the way, there were many militants Daash carrying heavy weapons and hiding inside the shelters. " 
he said Falluji bailer" when we arrived at the Euphrates River , there was a a large number of militants Daash control movement to leave the families that cross the Euphrates River toward the Amiriyah Fallujah "to thesouth of Fallujah. 
He said one of the military commanders in the liberation of Fallujah operation, one of the main strongholds of the jihadists in Iraq and that about 2,500 of the organization Daash defending Fallujah. he said Abu Mazen "some families have been waiting for four days to cross the river, some of them and entered into anargument with the militants." 
upon the approval of the river crossing said Abu Marwan , " I left my car Daash. After an argument with them , we got a small boat for my family, along with Abu Omar 's wife, but Daash not allowed to cross the men with the women and asked to express the river pool. " 
According to the Norwegian Refugee Council, who manages most of the camps used by its displaced from Fallujah, managed hundreds of families to flee through Zoba region over the past few days. and shot dead anumber of those who were on their way to cross the river, while others drowned, according to humanitarian organizations. 
after crossing the river , says the man Falluji "we walked a short distance and we met the Iraqi army andpopular crowd where he welcomed us and gave us sweets and juices and water, then separated the men from the women and they have procedures , security and search our bags. " 
and questioned by security forces at length men whether they have information on insurgent leaders inside Fallujah, according to my father , Marwan," the security forces began to release older men and middle - aged.The young Vobakohm even an hour late to check the names and compare them with the information in thelaptop. " 
He said , " I told them that Abu Omar 's wife, the leader of the organization Daash us, was called, I do not know its fate. "The Abu Marwan and his family was allowed to leave.

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