[ltr]Baghdad / Iraq News Network called an MP for the province of Nineveh beautiful Obeidi, Sunday, to keep the Americans about the battle of Mosul case of its launch, claims Abadi initiate a rapid process of liberalization Almedinh.oukalt Obeidi in a press statement today: " The fall of Mosul ,however , the terrorist organization was to shorten the process clear and non - masculinity of theleaders of security and military handed over the city to a handful stray perverted "She added that"the city since two years living has devastated under the hand of this organization dirty under agovernment slowdown and international for quick action to save the people of the city and theelders and notables who the criminal organization the execution of hundreds of them , ".utalapt Obeidi , commander of the armed forces , Haider al - Abadi to "embark on special for theLiberation of the city of Mosul from the control Daash criminal military operations," the time inwhich it called " the dimensions of the Americans about the battle of Mosul case of its launch," usually edit Mosul as has been " a big victory for Iraq and Iraqis . " .oatota call Obeidi to pushback the Americans, having seen the city of Ramadi considerable damage as a result during editing operations after the intervention of the Americans and intensive bombardment of the city , which left a large mass in the structures Altanah.obdot security cuts led by the band of 15 Iraqi army operations on tight for the Liberation of districts and areas around Mosul scale, especially Qayyarah south of the city, Nineveh plain and regions seeking Peshmerga to recover from Daash Alagrama.ivkr the city of Mosul under the control of the organization "Daash" since June 10, 2014, as it suffers from major security and humanitarian crisis as a result of seeking regulation to impose his vision "extreme" on all aspects of life in the city.[/ltr]