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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US Treasury: Daash most of the money from the Gulf and Saudi Arabia



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US Treasury: Daash most of the money from the Gulf and Saudi Arabia

Post by rocky on Sun 12 Jun 2016, 10:07 am

US Treasury: Daash most of the money from the Gulf and Saudi Arabia

 US Treasury Department estimated the profit earned by the organization "Daash" terrorist during 2015 at one billion dollars, but said the air strikes were carried out on sites profitability and oil facilities controlled by began shrinking of the financial capacity of the organization, as he emphasized the existence of the financing of the networks in the states Gulf for "terrorist organizations."
The interview , Daniel Glaser, assistant US Department of the Treasury and thetaxpayer secretary to track terrorist financing, said that " the United States efforts to reduce the financial capacity to organize Daash begun to bear fruit , " explaining that "air strikes carried out by the company of its allies in Iraq, Syria ,destroyed what values ​​a hundred million dollars Daash money. " 
Glaser said in a press statement, that" a mix between the military and intelligence and diplomatic work surrounded the financial resources to Daash, but the organization is still available on the important part of the resources that come specifically from the oil and gas, extortion and taxation of foreign donations and kidnappings for ransom sales and looting banks. " 
with regard to the " Al - Qaeda ", Glaser pointed out that the regulation" havesuffered so much in the financial funding because of tighter controls on people who they fund, as well as the turmoil in financial networks deployed in more than one place, "explaining that" the United States continues to see a financing of networks in the Gulf of al - Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. " 
turn passed Arabia, the first on Friday, organized a citizens donation campaigns to organize" Daash "terrorist in Iraq after the start of liberalization Fallujah operation, attributed to the participation of the popular crowd in the process forces. 
the newspaper quoted "Okaz" a spokesman for the Saudi Interior Ministry Maj .Gen. Mansour al- Turki, said that " the participation of the Iraqi people crowd in abattle to recover Fallujah , al Daash door opened for donations to the terrorist organization." 
He claimed Turkey, that his country "can not control Ptatefat people", pointing out that "Saudi Arabia can campaign donations Taatdther interfaces fakes, such ascalling early donated to the children of Fallujah control." 
he warned the Saudi military official that "terrorist financiers are deceiving people to call to donate for the purposes of fake, through the Internet, television and social networking sites." 
this is the declaration is the first of its kind by the Saudi authorities to regulate thedonation of its citizens Daash criminal and other terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria, while accusing Riyadh blind eye to these campaigns and donations.

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