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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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International Alliance: Daash become weaker after the crash of his myth and the killing of 25 thousa



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International Alliance: Daash become weaker after the crash of his myth and the killing of 25 thousa

Post by rocky on Sun Jun 12, 2016 4:11 pm

International Alliance: Daash become weaker after the crash of his myth and the killing of 25 thousand armed men

Editor: BK 6/12/2016 17:33 Number ofViews: 578 

Long-Presse / Baghdad
A spokesman for the detection process (torque steel), on Sunday, for a "significant increase" in the number of militants (Daash) who were killed by the same organization, and while counting the (Daash) has become weaker as a result of losing more land and low funding and revenues resources, dip foreigners join him at about 90 percent, it confirmed the deaths of nearly 25 thousand militants of the organization so far.
Colonel Chris Garver, in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, that "while getting dive Daash in a state of confusion and internal chaos, there has been a significant rise in the number of its fighters who were killed on his hand," noting that "the last three months have seen a rise clear Daash in the number of fighters who have been killed at the hands of the organization, in a sign of the start-up phase of the internal conflict inside it. "
Garver said, that there are "many cases Daash commanders have less of them to death leaders arranged", noting that "the network is facing increasing military pressure, where losing more land and resources as well as funding battles."
He explained that "the divisions in the ranks of the organization increases with increasing pressure on him," pointing out that there were "credible reports of widespread on mass executions carried out by Daash in Iraq and Syria," stressing that "the figures recently issued by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, indicate the Daash of killing 464 of his gunmen in the past two years for several reasons, among them to escape from the fighting, accusations of spying, to escape from the front lines of battles and internal conflicts. "
He said Garver, that "several reports received during the current 2016, on cases of mass killings of fighters Daash at the hands of the organization, including the execution of 40 men in Deir al-Zour, and 50 others in Mosul, for causing the so-called internal conflicts," noting that "a leader in Daash He was killed by his colleagues in the midst of escalating divisions in tenderness, as well as the killing of 12 militants Daash in Mosul at the hands of their colleagues for allegedly collaborating with the Iraqi forces. "
The spokesman said the process (torque steel), which is codenamed launched by the international coalition operations in Iraq and Syria, that "the state of suspicion and distrust rampant among the organization," demonstrating that "the circulating news that the charges of spying has been one of the foundation of the reasons Daash blamed the killing of its members, "Mstrsla that" even simple things and is harmful, as having a mobile phone, may raise doubts organize its members. "
According to local media reports, Garver said, "The situation has become so bad that Daash has established an office of immigration to manage relations with foreign fighters after they led a dispute with the Dutch fighters into battle using weapons and reprisal killings and executions of eight men."
He continued the spokesman, that "the coalition's strategy is making progress as Pat Daash weaker than it was before, especially with the loss of more land and low funding and revenues resources, offering his gunmen to kill, as well as the fact that his leadership has become more vulnerable," returned to "most of all shattering the myth that fighters Daash Uma is called succession, are invincible. "
So Garver said that "the split rates within Daash have increased, given the decline in the flow of foreign fighters to join him as much as 90 percent," adding that "Daash lost about 45 percent of the territory, which was dominated by Iraq, and more than 10 percent of those that were under his control in Syria, with the liberalization of thousands of people from the rule of the organization. "
According to the spokesman, that "Daash lost over the past six months, the control of both the white and wet and gray in Iraq, as well as October's strategic dam former stronghold in the city of Shaddadi in Syria," explaining that "more than 650 thousand internally displaced people have returned to their homes in Iraq ,. thanks to the efforts to achieve stability in funding that will help the international coalition 66-nation bloc "
Garver confirmed that "about 25 thousand Daash militants have been killed so far."
The international coalition led by the United States against (Daash), consists of 66 international partner, was formed in September 2014, and shall weaken the organization and the task of defeat through the efforts of the five tracks.

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