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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Political Day



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Political Day

Post by rocky on Mon 13 Jun 2016, 3:39 am

Political Day

Iraq needs the experience of Russia and Iran in the fight against Daash Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari said he can not let theenemies of Iraq Anfredoa that the inhabitants of the city of Fallujah. He said al - Jaafari said that " the battle in Fallujah is not aloof from the battle in Mosul," he said , adding that he "can not defragment battles against al Daash." The Foreign Minister pointed out that "Iraq needs to experience Russia, Syria and Iran to fight Daash," asserting that "coordination exists" , pointing out that the US position can not be imposed on Iraq . "the presidential envoy American Brett Macgork said last Friday on theparticipation of the popular crowd at the battle of Fallujah, said that" Washington is following with interest theissue of the participation of the popular crowd in this battle, "noting that" there are units from the crowd said it should work under the command of the Iraqi army and do not enter the city of Fallujah. " Sabhan man ofintelligence and not an ambassador MP from the Badr Mohammed Naji block the popular crowd is part of themilitary establishment, as pointed out that the commander of the Qods Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Qassem Soleimani said conditions Alaracaan.oukal Naji said that " the popular crowd founded fatwa Sistani is part of the state and part of the military establishment and part of the state power , " adding that "if not for the crowd of income for the organization Daash to Baghdad." he added a block by Badr that "Soleimani said full Iraqi conditions , "he said , adding that the Saudi ambassador Thamer Sabhan" a man ofintelligence and not an ambassador, Saudi Arabia is afraid of Iraq , " and on the entry of demonstrators to thegreen zone, Naji said he" can not attack on state institutions under the pretext of reform and green entry error in this way , "explaining that "there are more than six members of the Security stabbed with knives and those who want reform , not beat the son of his own people."  disagreements National Alliance behind to go to Fallujah MP from Nineveh province , Abdul Rahman Alloizi to change the compass liberation of the city ofMosul to Fallujah came to quell the conflicts within the National Alliance . said Alloizi that "everyone knows that he is supposed to be the battle to liberate the city of Mosul after the liberation of gray directly, but the political differences has been overshadowed by the battle ahead than its compass changed to the city ofFallujah , instead of Mosul , " noting that "these differences relate to the conflict between the parties theNational Alliance, as well as for the Sadr city bombings. " MP from Nineveh and added that "regional parties were afraid of the evolution of the conflict which led to the orientation of editorial operations of Fallujah instead of Mosul to divert attention away from this conflict and to give the kind of done to the Prime Minister liberalization of the city , after she saw him in trouble." We demand the implementation of death sentences for perpetrators of "Spyker "without slowing  MP for parliamentary reform front Rashid al - Yassiri the Ministry of Justice implementation of judgments by the judiciary against those convicted of a crime without slowing Spyker, stressing the need for justice for the families of the innocent victims. Yasiri said "We have to go through the painful massacre Spyker horrific anniversary which claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent youth that left widows and orphans , " and urged the Justice Department to "implement the verdicts of the judiciary against convicted criminals without slowing" He called member of the Front , reform the security services to "pursue criminals fleeing inside and outside Iraq to receive their just punishment , "stressing the need for " justice for the families of the martyrs of Spyker and the inclusion of the victims law martyrs Foundation " isnoteworthy that the organization" Daash "executed hundreds of trainees and students , military personnel in" Spyker "base north of Tikrit when he gained control of the city in June 2014 by the security forces to regain full control. deportation of important laws legislation exacerbated the crisis confirmed member of theparliamentary legal committee Zainab Sahlani that legal and oil and gas legislation , the Federal Court will address a large part of the political crisis taking place in Iraq. She Sahlani that " the deportation of important laws to several sessions led to the aggravation of the crisis in the country, and the case without reaching effective solutions to the crises plaguing the political scene now and then, and among these laws legally and oil and gas of the Federal Court because of constitutional and legal importance in resolving differences . " .The member of the Legal Committee that "Disclaimer views its responsibility sites through deportation laws and the lack of legislation led to the aggravation of the situation, because the deportation of those laws inorder to find the true wizards of the crisis , " pointing to "the existence of a set of laws need to be amended in line with constitutional norms issued after 2005 ".

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