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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Sophisticated communications equipment cripple resistance Daash inside Fallujah and in breach defens



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Sophisticated communications equipment cripple resistance Daash inside Fallujah and in breach defens

Post by rocky on Tue Jun 14, 2016 4:18 am

Sophisticated communications equipment cripple resistance Daash inside Fallujah and in breach defensive lines

 Baghdad / term 

Street fighting the combined forces engaged with the elements in the neighborhoods of thecity of Fallujah , where rising columns ofsmoke from different areas and you hear thesound of explosions and clashes continuously. 
And stands operations team leader Abdul - Wahab al - Saadi on a high building oversees the Shuhada neighborhood directly addressed his orders to the sectors and students from coalition aircraft bombed targets inside the city. 
He says Saadi " are fighting now street fighting with militants Daash, sometimes separates us from them twenty meters away," adding that "confrontations spin with light arms." 
Iraqi authorities launched a major military operation since May 22 to regain control of this city It fell more than two years , however Daash. 
adopts anti - terrorism device on a sophisticated communications system to coordinate work with the security forces that have surrounded the city with the coalition forces. The device has the eavesdropping system on contacts between al Daash elements who are always talking about the lack of numbers, according to Saadi. 
Saadi said, told AFP he holds three communication devices, "we hear them always asking for support to men, they have a great shortage of fighters, we killed them yet 600 armed during the incursion battles only. " 
during one hour of control elements regulate Daash on the front lines, I drew three coalition aircraft air strikes. 
another officer in the anti - terror apparatus, on condition of anonymity," We have killed 14 element of Daash make up three detachments mortar after coalition forces provided us with information and coordinates. " 
and listens Saadi across devices to the dialogue between the field commanders who are engaged in street fighting, he says , one of the elements of the " Let the wheels and enter homes and Ansaboa snipers and lift up the Iraqi flag. " Moments later related field officer declaring overjoyed "We have raised the Iraqi flag over the buildings." 
But Saadi respond firmly , "We do not seek a moral victory we are here to make money with victory." 
Seemed to resist the insurgents are very weak, and was confined to the launch of a number of mortar shells and bursts a few, can the elements of counter - terrorism device discerned. 
the city is located about 50 kilometers west of Baghdad , one of the largest strongholds are still , however , the organization , along with the city of Mosul, in the north of the country. 
in the meantime, looked south axis , where he leads the fight against terrorism a storming operation completely free of the population, while the effects of mass seem clear on the buildings. 
he said the team Saadi " the protection of civilians is one of Olulyatna, and the inhabitants of these areas hadwithdrawn them , " stressing that "Fallujah is at hand , and we need some time to finish the process." The organization did not expect that the Iraqi forces are able to penetrate the defense lines of the four filed by on the outskirts of Fallujah. 
He said al - Saadi said " the organization put four lines to repel, a trenches, tunnels and bombs and snipers, did not want to reach the battle to Fallujah center, but we were able to break into all these obstacles and we are now inside it . " 
" the organization ordered his fighters to liquidate the wounded because the wounded is a burden on them and they have no means of transport, as they cut their dead heads of local fighters do not even know them Anbar police that share the fighting. " 
aerodynamic bike is the means used by fighters of the organization in navigate to a lack of fuel and avoid aerial bombardment operations. And participate in the process fighters from tribes and units of Anbar police. 
For his part, Maj . Gen. Hadi Rseg Anbar police commander told AFP , said that " the regiments emergency spread cutouts that have been edited in Fallujah." 
He emphasized the "open security pathways for residents fleeing from Fallujah , " explaining that the number of displaced people who left the city "until yesterday amounted to 12,346 people." 
He noted that " the investigations conducted by the information Department confirm the presence of a lot of Daash elements who are fleeing from the city , taking advantage of the exit of displaced persons." 
He explained Rseg "we have captured 546 people accused of terrorism have been displaced within thedisplaced families, forged identities, during the past two weeks , until Sunday. " 
He made ​​the remark Rseg Brigade in southern Fallujah , where Iraqi forces have been battling three weeks ago to restore the city from the extremist organization. 
when civilians are up to government websites are separated boys and men and searched. Cleared for some after hours and subjected the remainder for further investigation. 
The number of its fighters inside the city between a thousand and 2,500. 
It is expected battles intensified with the organization in Fallujah , where Iraqi forces are progressing steadily and slowly working counterterrorism forces to dismantle thousands of packages and car bombs to open theway in front of the south of the city.

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