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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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International Coalition: Our 6600 adviser providing support to Iraqi forces



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International Coalition: Our 6600 adviser providing support to Iraqi forces

Post by rocky on Tue 14 Jun 2016, 3:22 am

International Coalition: Our 6600 adviser providing support to Iraqi forces

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

International coalition confirmed to fight al Daash, yesterday, that the Iraqi forces arecapable of fighting two battles in Fallujah and the south of Mosul at one time, considering conducting multiple operations in Iraq ,"increase pressure" on the organization Daash. And as pointed out that Iraq hasregained about 50% of the territory controlled by the organization. 
Christopher Garver, the new spokesman for the international coalition during a press conference held at theUS Embassy and attended (range Press), " The conduct multiple operations in Iraq is increasing the pressure on al Daash, which are forced to fight battles in several directions and prevents the concentration and thus can not move fighters and control of the battle. " 
He added Garver be" able to fight two battles in Fallujah and the south of Mosul at the same time the Iraqi forces , "noting that" the international coalition will provide air cover in the two battles of the lack of support for the Iraqi forces. " A spokesman for the international coalition said that "Iraqi forces were able to recover 40% to 50% of the territory seized by the organization (Daash) , " adding, "There is no time in restoring thecity of Mosul framework, because this matter has been approved by the Iraqi government." 
Garver confirmed that "Marines in a drunken had left and was replaced strongly from the US army with thesame number and force the attribution fiery artillery Iraqi security forces in helping them to move forward with the consent of the Iraqi government." 
, the spokesman for the international Alliance of Christopher Garver, yesterday, concern about "violations" that occurred in Fallujah. 
He said Garver said that " the path of the international coalition and equipped 23400 component of the Iraqi security forces and the Peshmerga and the tribes , " noting that " the coalition will with training Iraqi police forces who will protect liberated the region from the control of the organization Daash." the 
US official said that " the international coalition has 6600 troops , which holds the training and equipping process of Iraqi forces and provide attribution and support them , " he said , adding, that " the coalition has advisers in counterterrorism and federal police to provide support and support to those forces." 
and on the violations that occurred in the liberation of Fallujah operations, he confirmed Garver, said he "read the news about the violations in Fallujah and alarmed by these breaches, but we know that the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi acknowledged the violations and conducted an investigation on them," pointing out that " theslow movement in the Fallujah operations is to protect civilians and do not know the number of elements (Daash) in the city, but it is estimated at a few hundred to two thousand fighters. "

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