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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Spies fierce war that threatens to collapse from the inside Daash



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Spies fierce war that threatens to collapse from the inside Daash

Post by rocky on Tue 14 Jun 2016, 3:26 am

Spies fierce war that threatens to collapse from the inside Daash

BAGHDAD / Mady 

The agency "Associated Press" revealed that after the killing of the International Coalition leader prominent organized Daash in March, the organization to launch an internal campaign against dissidents, killing 38 of thejihadi elements regulation at the hands of their leaders, according to The Associated Press. 
According to the agency - after her talk with the Syrian opposition activists, and leaders ofKurdish militias, and many of the Iraqi intelligence officials and a detective belonging to the Iraqi government , which was Mendsa among the ranks of al Daash - that the plane attack drone that killed a senior commander of the organization Abu Hija Tunisian is what ignited internal campaign to detect for spies within the organization. 
it is not unlikely that there will be spies within the organization Daash; Since the killing of Fadel Hayali (Abu Muslim Turkmen, or Haj Moataz) and Junaid Hussein in 2015, it was clear that he had been breached regulation by the alliance. 
and killed , "Abu Hija "during his move from tenderness to Aleppo, this was under the guidance of Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi , most likely, in order to serve as a military prince to the north and east of Aleppo - include Azaz and strongholds of the organization in the door and Manbej, which is now under attack by the Syrian democracy - forces a subsidiary of the workers ' Party Kurdistan. 
when "Abu al - Hija" wounded who have been amplified centrality for al Daash, in a US air strike, Matt evacuated ten days later, he was heading to the city of Shaddadi to support the organization Daash in theface of the Syrian democratic forces in this region. 
the troops are Syrian democracy is the first US ally in its war against al Daash, it is of significance. 
as suggested by recent losses to organize Daash - including the killing of Vice - Baghdadi, Abdulrahman Alqadola (Abu Ali Anbari, Abu Ala Afri) and Abu Sarah Ansari and Shakir Fahdawi (Shaker Wahib) Amr al - Absi (Abu ether) , which was not mentioned inexplicably - also that there are spies in the ranks of the organization.
director of the Syrian Observatory for human rights Rami Abdulrahman said that "some organization Daash fighters have begun to extend the alliance with information about the objectives and the movements of theorganization 's leaders; they need the money after the organization by reducing salaries following the airline alliance and Russia to target oil installations , which was controlled by the organization earlier this year. " 
but it is unlikely that the elements of al - Daash increase their income by helping in the killing of their comrades; they know that the device Homeland Security regulation will discover such a thing. 
it is also doubtful that "after the killing of [Fahdawi, the regulation of killing dozens of its members in Anbar, including leaders of the centrist, on suspicion of informing them about his whereabouts, as a number of elements of the organization fled to Turkey , according to what he said in charge of intelligence two Iraqis ... "was executed a number of suspects shot dead in front of others its fighters as a lesson for them, according to what he said Iraqi officials." 
It is alleged both Rahman and the activist Syrian opposition Baybars Tallawy, to organize Daash sent Iraqi leaders and Chechen to investigate the matter, which led to the arrest and killing of 21 members of theorganization during the day, including a senior commander from North Africa, and the arrest and deportation of the largest number of fighters into Iraq; where he killed 17 fighters of them and expel 32 others from theorganization. 
the look of this as a campaign cleanse, it may be related to the fight against spyware, actual or potential, or itmay be a religious issue - political. 
According to the Associated Press, the wave of killings have been on these elements belonging to organize Daash, including Abdul Hadi Issa. Issa has taken to the field of class and charged with espionage, was stabbed in the heart, then hit by a bullet in the head while he was the knife still in his body. 
Skepticism that leads to an internal process of dismantling is exactly what could kill organize Daash. There ishistorical precedent which killed Sabri al - Banna (Abu Nidal) by the organization , which was in a state of frenzied panic toward spies. Quoted the Associated Press reported Shirvan Dervis as saying that this process has already begun within the organization: "There is chaos [in the areas controlled by the organization Daash. And trying some of the elements of the organization and some of its leaders to escape." 
Darwish was officially spokesman volcano Euphrates, a group that joined forces Syrian democracy, and then say this is expected of him. There is no evidence that the organization is close to collapse because of these internal doubts, of course , not because of the attacks targeting leaders.  for: Middle East Aye

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