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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Battle Sharqat narrowing the Daash movement in the Hamrin and cut hopes the restoration of oil field



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Battle Sharqat narrowing the Daash movement in the Hamrin and cut hopes the restoration of oil field

Post by rocky on Wed 15 Jun 2016, 3:34 am

Battle Sharqat narrowing the Daash movement in the Hamrin and cut hopes the restoration of oil fields

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

To Aaamada one week without attacking Daash oil fields in the east of Tikrit, which burned part of the wells before withdrawing them last year. 
Furthermore, likely to contribute to edit "Sharqat" the upcoming process, restricting the gunmen traffic through the Hamrin Mountains, which is the main port to carry out attacks on the fields. 
the defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi during his farewell, last Sunday, heading to the north of Tikrit , the post liberalization processes spend Shirqat city of Mosul that these pieces "received full training and has sufficient capacity to carry out its functions" .oohdtt armored forces, which moved from Tikrit towards security forces Sharqat, a big wave of dust in the streets of the city, where estimated , according to Video clips published by the Ministry of defense, estimated at 250 to it, passing in Tikrit , took about an hour. As troops were up to 10 thousand Mqatl.ujae Send mod Ojptin of armored forces toward Mosul and Sharqat, within one week, while the front is still unresolved after Fallujah. It escalated criticism of the leaders of the popular crowd, which some factions thread on the outskirts of Fallujah, the dispersion of effort Almark.orjeh politicians and security experts to be the wrath of the crowd was due to his inability to fight in two fronts of Mosul and Fallujah at once. Also they considered that the movement of troops to Nineveh and Sharqat at this time aiming to keep the crowd for coming battles for liberation. 
The factions in the crowd decided to withdraw, last week, of Fallujah after declaring an end to its functions byediting the vicinity of the city, but leaked information about government attempts to prevent it. 
Battle Sharqat 
but Khazaal al - Qaisi, who had been leading until recently a group of his own tribe in Baiji, favored theparticipation of factions of the "popular crowd" in the liberation of Sharqat, or stand on the edge , as happened in Fallujah, especially that groups of them are still in Baiji. 
Qaisi, in the Council of Salahuddin province , a member, told the (range), "We want to restore all Sharqat even deserts and not parts of it. edit judiciary means stability of all Saladin." 
occupies Sharqat large areas, extending from North Saladin, to Mosul and Kirkuk, but Qaisi says that " thecurrent military operation will edit the west side only of the judiciary." 
and continues to organize Daash controlled areas west of the Tigris among Makhoul mountain range, and hand "Tlul Alpag", and a number of residential complexes there. 
density of humanity in 
contrast, reveals Qaisi more than doubled the number of residents of Sharqat because of the numbers ofdisplaced people , which amounted to the elimination of Salah al - Din in the past year. 
it is estimated the official al - Tikriti , "the presence of half a million people live now in Sharqat , " but he alsopoints out that " the humanitarian situation of displaced better than the other occupied territories of Daash, because Agricultural and natural offers a variety of crops, where no blackmailing them organized on a food -for support , as happened in Fallujah , ".ccant Sharqat occupies the first place in Iraq to produce wheat and barley crops, which is encouraging the Government of Salahuddin to restore the judiciary given the economic returns. 
indicates local administrator to the existence of the cooperation of the population with the security forces, especially since most of them were from the "ex - military" .weidm brigade clan (Salahuddin) anti-Daash, which is fighting alongside currently regular troops, volunteers from the tribes Sharqat. 
She had leaked reports that an unknown group kidnapped "detachment foreign combat" linked to al - Sharqat Daash in the district. The detachment includes nine members of its fighters, and mysteriously disappeared in the countryside of Sharqat during its arrival from Mosul. 
The leaks suggest that behind the disappearance of the "detachment" hostile activity of Daash led by the sons of Sharqat. And repeated disappearance of Arab and foreign elements to Daash recent incidents in many areas under the control of the organization. 
Attack the oil fields 
and to the east of Tikrit, gunmen continue Daash, continuously, attack near the Hamrin Mountains oil fields.Says vice president of the provincial council , Ahmed Nazim al - Azzawi (range) that " the weekly attacks on the fields." 
And officials in Diyala revealed recently, for a User to Daash, they found on the other side of the Hamrin Mountains , located within the boundaries of the province, describes the reduction of the senior leadership of the organization ' salaries because of the collapse of the oil trade , which was a steal of Alas and Ajeel fields within the province of Salah his part , says Lyons mighty, a group of tribal fighters near a field commander, in connection with the (term) that "Daash failure in 20 attacks on the fields of control." he adds the commander of forces (martyr illiteracy Jabara) that "militants Daash facing a severe financial crisis and trying to restore the fields to resume oil smuggling." 
these include the region 's 91 wells in Ajil fields, which was producing about 20,000 barrels a day before theappearance of Daash, in addition to other field wells Alas. 
prior to the restoration of Iraqi forces control over the fields, oil Minister outgoing Adel Abdul - Mahdi revealed, last June, that "Daash sells pelvic capacity of 36,000 liters of crude oil $ 10K from Alas fields, ie an estimated retail price of $ 30 and less than that of the barrel the one. " 
He said Abdul - Mahdi , that" the price tempts many wars dealers , especially if they can Daash agreement with organizations or irresponsible states ". Although sabotage Daash structures for the fields ofinfrastructure, and the burning of the pipe carrier, but the wells could return to work again, if carried out some maintenance, according to Aezzaoa.oahajm Daash fields, coming from the towns belonging to Kirkuk, aprivate Riyadh, and Rashad. Sees Provincial Council member Salah al - Din said , "Sharqat liberalization process will be charged to cross the insurgents largely" .oifterd local administrator that the militants " arelooking for a moral victory behind the attack on the fields after their defeats in Ramadi and Fallujah."

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