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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Who knows where Mosul report?



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Who knows where Mosul report?

Post by rocky on Wed Jun 15, 2016 4:17 pm

Who knows where Mosul report? 


Now passed two years Exactly what trading under the title of "the fall of Mosul," in the hands of the organization Daash terrorist, as is actually the fall of the third of the country, in the cities of the task other than Mosul, including Tikrit, Ramadi, Sinjar and dozens of towns in the provinces of Nineveh and Salahuddin, Kirkuk and Diyala, Salahuddin and Anbar.
That was a stunning event, seismic, especially at the level of the disastrous humanitarian consequences. Similar in many ways it happened Greater Arab defeat by Israel in June 1967, but that the Iraqi event was more blasts in the Iraqi souls. In 1967, there were armies of (Arab) fights and there were deaths among the soldiers and officers who fought, while in the Iraqi event was there a complete, comprehensive and unconditional and early from the army, police, security and Peshmerga forces surrender, but there was a delivery process and delivered without the formal ceremony, the officers fled before the soldiers, in civilian clothes, in front of Daash groups that received without a fight new weapons lethal Bzkhairha camps and bases full their equipment integrated , while there were any casualties in the hundreds among recruits Ograr did not obtain from Amrehm even once advice fled (the victims of Spyker and others), as well as captives and raped Alaesideat and Christian, something that the Israelis did not do with the Arabs, not in 1967, nor in any other war.
Two years passed since the occurrence of these major crime, and did not even know today how what happened happened, and why what happened happened, and who is responsible, but the officials, what happened!
The House of Representatives, like all the Parliament, of the obligatory duties of control and accountability, as was his duty legislation. Our Council has formed a committee to investigate the "fall of Mosul," five months after the event, and within a month (December 2014), the Commission of Inquiry that announced that it has initiated questioning of prospective officials about what happened, the politicians and the military.
Commission investigations it took eight months Exactly, announced at the end (August 2015) that it completed its final report, containing information to take responsibility to 34 political, military and security official in the state.
What he did after that the House of Representatives, which he formed a commission of inquiry on his own and not the will of the outside, he put the report on the high shelves in its building since that time until today, did not authorize the publication of the report or the summary to him, nor was he did his duty in the discussion of the report for ratification on what is likely to ratify and renounce what to profile.
Now go through two years of the fall of Mosul, Tikrit, Ramadi and Sinjar and dozens of other towns and cities, and expire ten months after the end of the parliamentary investigation of the case, nor was shocking and staggering and seismic event has occurred. Entire political class does not want one to open "Hell Gate", with the head of the House of Representatives when he received the report from the Commission told the satellite television cameras (16 August 2015) accent assertion that its board "report will address in the next session to be held in public to inform the Iraqi people what really happened events caused the fall of Nineveh province, however Daash terrorist and the subsequent collapse of security in a number of governorates of Iraq. "he also said that the Council" will send the report to the public prosecutor to take the legal course. "
And…. "Hmak on this day," as we say in Aamutena!

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