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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Iraqi flag rises amid Fallujah .. and Operations Command announced liberalization of 70% of the city



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Iraqi flag rises amid Fallujah .. and Operations Command announced liberalization of 70% of the city

Post by rocky on Sat 18 Jun 2016, 3:46 am

Iraqi flag rises amid Fallujah .. and Operations Command announced liberalization of 70% of the city

 Baghdad / term 

The joint forces gained control of the government complex in central Fallujah, in theframework of operations began about three weeks ago, to restore the city , which is one of the main strongholds Daash in Iraq. The combined forces began at dawn on 23 May last, the process to regain control of the city , which lies 50 km west of Baghdad. Lt. Gen. Abdul - Wahab al - Saadi, the leader of the restoration process of Fallujah told AFP that the "anti - terrorism forces and rapid response, liberated the entire government complex and raised theIraqi flag on the compound buildings," in the center of Fallujah. The al - Saadi said " the security forces liberated yet 70% of the city of Fallujah." In turn, the team Raed Shakir Jawdat, the federal police chief "Edit government complex," which includes Qaimmqamah Fallujah and the building of the local council and theDirectorate of the Fallujah police and security headquarters building confirmed. He said Jawdat said " Thecomplex is a symbol of the city , and edit is to restore the prestige of the state and re - enforce the law , " stressing that "our forces are chasing the elements Daash the center of Fallujah." not the joint forces faced during offered little resistance from the militants , the extremist group, according to confirmed security sources said. Saadi said that " the forces security and anti - terrorism forces and the army and federal police managed to free the Nazzal neighborhood (city center) and the industrial neighborhood (South completely) and to impose control on the highway east of Fallujah. " The brigade of the popular crowd cleanse the Nazzal neighborhood completely and raise the Iraqi flag over the buildings. He said the commander of a brigade vine Fallujah , Colonel Juma panic Jumaili in an interview (range Press), " The security forces managed to cleanse and edit Nazzal neighborhood center of Fallujah fully control Daash and raised the Iraqi flag over the buildings , " pointing to " the deaths of dozens of members of the organization during the clashes . " Jumaili said that" the joint forces began lifting IEDs and address the booby - trapped buildings operations in the Nazzal neighborhood with a comb all the homes in anticipation of the presence of additives for the organization in theliberated area and secured fully. " he was a colonel in the rapid reaction forces did not want to be identified ,he said in earlier told AFP that "our forces now control the Nazzal neighborhood and advancing towards thegovernment complex" downtown. "The escape of the elements Daash is behind the absence of any resistance to the organization in Fallujah," he said . "Daash militants fled to the regions and Allabsp Alboalon" to thewest of Fallujah. Security forces also took control of Fallujah General Hospital and raising the Iraqi flag over the building, according to the same sources. Previously attack who implemented by elite forces mainly lay siege lasted several months around Fallujah to prevent the entry of weapons and supplies. The army statement said that the federal police raised the Iraqi flag over the building and continue to prosecute militants. He said a Reuters photographer in southern Fallujah clashes which include aerial and artillery shelling and gunfire from weapons of continuous mechanism. The smoke was seen a rise above the areas close to the city center. Sudden depletion of the refugee camps in the capabilities that are already filled to more than capacity. According to the head of the municipal council in Fallujah , Issa al - Issawi has more than six thousand families left on Thursday only. The al - Issawi himself had escaped from the siege of Fallujah two years ago. Reuters said on Friday : "We do not know how to deal with such a large number of civilians." The number of displaced people on Thursday , 68 thousand people, according to United Nations data , estimated recently that the number of Fallujah 's population of 90 thousand people, almost one - third of the city 'spopulation in 2010. witnesses said the organization Daash announced through loudspeakers that residents can leave if they want but why regulation is not clear his style after he prevents the movement of civilians several days ago. He informed fleeing the city for the sudden withdrawal of fighters Daash on a mission inside Fallujah checkpoints which allowed civilians to leave. It is expected that the humanitarian needs increase dramatically in the next few hours, which is draining foreign aid organizations and the government , which suffers from a lack of funding resources. The United States estimates that al Daash expelled from about half of the land occupied by when Iraqi forces collapsed partially in 2014. The exploits regulation population ashuman shields to block the military progress and to avoid air strikes. a spokesman for the defense Ministry Naseer Nouri said the high number of displaced people is proof that Daash lost control of the city and its inhabitants.

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