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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Commander of Joint Operations: Daash will fight inside Fallujah until the end .. and wait for an upr



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Commander of Joint Operations: Daash will fight inside Fallujah until the end .. and wait for an upr

Post by rocky on Sun 19 Jun 2016, 3:58 am

Commander of Joint Operations: Daash will fight inside Fallujah until the end .. and wait for an uprising in Mosul

 BAGHDAD / Reuters 

A senior Iraqi officer said the army may allow militants to organize Daash fled from theattack on the city of Fallujah, but he predicted that the fight most of them until the end. He also predicted that the facing internal organization of the uprising in the city of Mosul in northern Iraq. 
Regained the Iraqi army mayor of Fallujah building on Friday despite continued barricaded organize Daash fighters in several areas and Tgheimanm streets and many buildings. The 
Iraqi army has made ​​rapid progress in the city , about an hour drive from Baghdad, resulting in the displacement of more than 68 thousand inhabitants. 
asked whether government forces would allow the militants out of the city to avoid the violent clashes in thebuildings , areas , which could lead to the deaths of the remaining civilians in the city and the destruction ofinfrastructure, Lt. Gen. Talib Hgati said Kanani it will try. 
and Abizaid told Reuters in an interview on Thursday, he said that "terrorists Aldoaash blow themselves up to kill innocent Iraqis and Atohmwa they will enter paradise by killing innocent women and children." 
it was Kanani, who chairs the joint Special operations command , which is leading the war in Iraq against al Daash coordination with US - led coalition, in his office in Baghdad within the complex is guarded by special forces. 
often left by Iraqi forces during previous attacks outlet allows the militants to flee, but after losing a regulation about half of the territory seized by Iraq in 2014 and major road transport , including to neighboring Syria the choices began to recede. 
launched by government forces a large operation with air support from the coalition on 23 May to restore Fallujah , a stronghold of the Sunni -led insurgency against US forces and against the government. 
the raised post Shi'ite groups Iran , backed by the Iraqi army fears of sectarian killings already authorities are investigating into allegations that Shi'ite fighters executed dozens of Sunni men fleeing from the city. 
Kanani said the army plan for operations inside Fallujah itself does not include a role for these groups , which operate under a government umbrella , called the crowd folk. 
he said it was unlikely there would be a need for the crowd also popular in the campaign against Mosul , astronghold of the organization Daash, a city inhabited by a majority of the year, and a pledge from Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi regain control over it this year. 
" the crowd of tribal and local police and volunteers from the people of the occupied Sunni areas of Daash gangs will certainly help the maintenance of the land and the preservation of government offices without theneed for additional forces from outside the region. " 
seen Fallujah as a starting point for the bombings carried out by the organization Daash in the capital in recent point of making the attack an important part in the government 's campaign to improve security even though the Americans allies prefer to focus on the connector. 
the advancing army about 60 km south of Mosul towards Qayyarah where it can take from a base in the city springboard for an attack point in the future , but progress stalled. 
Kinani said that the army had information that the population in Mosul, estimated at more than a million people are preparing for an uprising against al Daash, and it is in contact them to coincide such work with anexternal military attack. 
He added , without giving details of "cooperation and coordination with the children of the city of Mosul , will contribute significantly to support the armed forces and to accelerate the liberation of the city from Daash gangs." 
reports said groups inside Mosul write on walls slogans against to organize Daash in public places also attacked its fighters at checkpoints , but there is no resistance on a large scale. 
Kinani said he expects the survival of the special forces in the vanguard against pockets organize Daash when the government regain control. 
he said , "such processes which take place in a densely populated did not need areas to armored armed irregular forces friendly hotel is equipment and fighting in the special operations units that are small and have an active scalability in motion and constant change. " 
the Iraqi counter - terrorism force, consisting of about ten thousand individual and established ten years ago with the support of American forces, the best fighting force trained and equipped in Iraq. Kanani said there will be a need for special forces for the foreseeable future.

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