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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Intelligence operation in Tuz ousted senior leaders for "State of the South" Intelligence operation



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Intelligence operation in Tuz ousted senior leaders for "State of the South" Intelligence operation

Post by rocky on Sun 19 Jun 2016, 4:01 am

Intelligence operation in Tuz ousted senior leaders for "State of the South"

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

A senior intelligence source said the death of the commander categorically Farouk of the State of the South to organize (Daash) Bashar al- Ajami Hamdan in the district of Tuz, east of Tikrit , 170 km north of Baghdad. As leaders arrested in the state of South confirmed the organization after clashes with elements of the organization within a laboratory in the judiciary. 
The source says in an interview to the (long -Presse), " The information is accurate intelligence through sources and follow - up technical terrorist targets confirmed theintention of the so - called affiliated with al state of the south ( Daash) and all battalions preparing for the attack has been called ( theBattle of Badr II) where traditionally designate the organization attacks depending on events or historical labels. " 
Subsequently, formed the Directorate General of intelligence and counter - terrorism at the Interior Ministry, a working group under thecommand of the intelligence division ofMahmudiya Director Major Ahmed Mohammed Fares for being the Division responsible for areas south of Baghdad (Mahmudiya and Yusufiya and Latifiya and other regions have) subsidiary. 
after checking and follow - up was discovered important clues, particularly that belonging to the jurisdiction of the South in the organization make up the families and working collectively for the benefit of Daash. 
and enable the team to identify the objective most prominent which is boycotted Farouk of the State of South organization named (Bashar al- Ajami Hamdan) in the district of Tuz Khurmatu (90 km east of Tikrit) was tomove immediately after obtaining regulatory approvals and fundamentalism by the security references where coordination with units combating terrorism Sulaymaniyah. 
the search began for the target high secrecy, because the goal was a great sense of security-being of thesecond generation of the organization to be a target anywhere within a radius of 500 meters only. " 
and began physical inspection quietly warned even managed to force an inventory inspection laboratory plastic on the outskirts spend Tuz where collar factory by force and it entered the detachment of anti - terrorism Sulaymaniyah but it was boycotted Farouk of the state of South regulation was not alone but was accompanied by Kiedian state of the South in the organization tried to engaging force through engagement with them and managed to terrorist (Bashar al- Ajami Hamdan) of the four elements of the unit forcombating terrorism Sulaymaniyah injury to have coming from Baghdad force intelligence to break into the lab and the clash with the terrorists inside. 
managed the intruding force to arrest the leaders , who were accompanied by the commander of al - Faruq conclusive of the state of South they both (Turkish commendatory Ghurairy cream) leadership in the state of the south, the father of the terrorist nicknamed (Abu Nuri) , which he was detachments Mr. Abdullah, southern Baghdad district official, was killed by a brigade of 25 force Iraqi army after the clash with his group in the chest YUSUFIYA. 
Karim Turki is also the son of the terrorist 's uncle (Jafar altitude commendatory Ghurairy) , who was the commander of the Farouq battalion state of the South from 2010 to 2012 and who was arrested by thestrength of the internal intelligence in 2012 to serve the cities after the clash with him and members of his group. 
The second detainee is named (Mustafa Ghazi Haev Ghurairy), aka Abu Jarrah was born in 1992 from theinhabitants of Yusufiya, and serves as military categorically Hamzah of the State of the South , which is very dangerous elements have been found with the conditions of identity forged in the name of ( a supporter Laith Muhammad). And try Ghurairy escape across farmland but has surround and arrest him after he clashed with the intruding force. 
The source continued that " the third person blockaded inside the lab, which is the most important goal is categorically Farouk terrorist (Bashar al- Ajami , Hamdan al - Janabi) have been killed by the attacking force," He pointed out that " the rush of business intelligence toward national duty killed the commander of theattacking force Maj . (Ahmed Mohammed Fares Mamouri) , which received three releases chest during duty. It 
was the seizure of weapons and munitions and hand grenades in addition to mobile phones and were referred terrorists Monday to demand side in Baghdad to complete investigations with them. "

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