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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Dispersion of the military effort in Anbar restores Daash to the north of gray



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Dispersion of the military effort in Anbar restores Daash to the north of gray

Post by rocky on Mon 20 Jun 2016, 3:48 am

Dispersion of the military effort in Anbar restores Daash to the north of gray

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Six months after the liberation of the gray returned about 50% of IDP families who estimated their number at half a million people despite the great damage inflicted on the city.
In the meantime, militants returned Daash to occupy towns in northern Ramadi, also appeared in videos broadcast on sites linked to the organization . 
declared commander of the Anbar operations Maj . Gen. Ismail Mahlawi, last Wednesday, the clearance Znkurh area and killed 40 element of the Daash, north of Ramadi. 
he Mahlawi " the strength of the army in the band 16 and the police of Anbar and a counter - terrorism and fighters of the clan and the attribution of a flight international coalition managed to clear the area after killing the attackers. " 
the Znkurh is one of the towns liberated by Iraqi forces late last March, before progressing to edit spend theHeat in last April. sneak around" Znkurh " said Ghassan Ithawi, one of the tribal leaders involved in theretrieval Znkurh process, and the areas north gray, he was "5 days and the security forces since looking for infiltrators Djuloa to those towns, after the killing of a large number of them." Ithawi, and in contact with the(range), stressed that " the militants had crossed the Euphrates from the bond between the gray and thewhite area of the island, with the help of sleeper cells in Znkurh and Alborahh ".oaattabr leader of the clan what happened as a " security breach was due to military operations expand into Hit and Fallujah, while still some areas in the northwest and east of Ramadi experiencing armed activity. " but Ithawi believes that" what happened is normal, because of the defeats He suffered Daash in Fallujah in an attempt to distract themilitary effort , "likely to see a few days starting military operations to clear the rest of the regions Alrmada.onchert agency" deep ", linked Daash, video, last week, gunmen wearing Afghan uniforms shows, they say they roam "Znkurh" area. section that did not exceed 30 seconds in length, some of the images theregion 's schools, newly introduced to one of the gunmen , who spoke non - Iraqi accent. And appeared streets, which appeared in photography, completely empty of people or forces Alamnah.okan residents of theareas Znkurh, and Albu Risha, returned to practice their normal life, especially since their areas not exposed significantly to the destruction , as happened in the center of Ramadi. Return of displaced persons and is theresponsibility of the gray security rests operations Anbar, the number of battalions local police, with support from the tribes grouped in the popular crowd fighters. Ibrahim said the bramble, Mayor gray, "was theopening of four police stations in the city center , " referring to "receive security daily information of thepopulation , leading to the arrest of a number of insurgents in Ramadi , "revealed. As Mayor of Ramadi, about the return of 32 thousand families yet to Ramadi, out of 46 thousand families were living in the city before theadvent of Daash. He said the bramble that " the numbers began to rise after the end of exams and expect torise after the end of Ramadan." The re - displaced people 's efforts have stalled, in recent months, after mutual accusations between political parties and the head of the Sunni Endowment Abdullatif Alhmam, thedeployment of "explosive devices" in areas previously cleared and it led to casualties. And preempted clans gray anti-Daash, liberation of the city process, to prepare a set of "lists of banned" from returning because oftheir affiliation and cooperation with the organization. He said tribal leaders they greet the day dozens ofnames of the population is involved figures with the organization, but they acknowledged that some of theaccusations were "malicious" motivated revenge, they're emboldened audited information Trdhm.onscher Council clans, before releasing the gray, the list includes the names of 50 people belonged to Daash including Salman Aziz Ahmed Alnofal, director of intelligence in the former regime, as well as other names of theemployees in the health, customs, teachers and university professors. and entered the troops Iraq, the end oflast year, the central government compound of Ramadi after weeks of surround. The estimated local authorities , the proportion of mass city 80% as a result of battles that lasted for more than two months.Destruction of infrastructure and blew Daash before pulling most of the government buildings and houses belonging to the families, while there is no longer any valid bridge to work in the city. He says the bramble he was "in Ramadi , 21 bridges, re has only one bridge in the city center, while there is another iron (denominator bridge) built by the Iraqi army and military engineering. " He adds , "we can not return any bridge now, because the city budget does not allow it , " .oiqdr Mayor gray need to more than $ 5 billion to restore the situation to the pre - Daash, pointing out that " the houses of compensation alone need $ 3 billion" .utlguet Committee homes compensation destructive in Ramadi, headed bramble which 0.23 thousand compensation file was resolved three thousand file so far .. and expects Mayor gray increase the pace of work in the file of compensation after Ramadan, but he pointed out that " the biggest problem, which is not talked about yet, compensation is agricultural. " It shows that "all lands, orchards and livestock huge in Ramadi has been completely destroyed and no longer exist." It was a private Ramadi pages, on Facebook recently published lists of names of officials and members of the Council of Anbar province , current and former, youmay have received compensation for their homes and their cars Madmrh.opent documents received some members of the council amounts of up to one billion dinars, but the bramble denied paying any compensation so far, stressing that the compensation will depend on the completion of the damage assessment. It did not expect local official said the Iraqi government unable to pay compensation funds, stressing Taoelh on donor countries and fund the reconstruction of the devastated areas due to Alarhab.otusband gray big problems after the destruction of five huge water projects in its center, and 125 in villages and rural areas because of the fighting. The city relies on a small hospital after the destruction of the hospital Am.opaladhavh to stop thedischarge of sewage station 15 in Ramadi, which threatens environmental hazards, due to the power grid crashes, stuck municipal efforts due to the lack of adequate mechanisms possession. The attention of thebramble that the municipality has only one excavator and 8 Skips while she needs at least 10 Hvlat and 80 Qlaba.

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