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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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American officials: the recent setbacks Daash not prevent him from launching attacks



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American officials: the recent setbacks Daash not prevent him from launching attacks

Post by rocky on Mon 20 Jun 2016, 3:55 am

American officials: the recent setbacks Daash not prevent him from launching attacks

 Baghdad / term 

Acknowledged the CIA director (CIA) John Brennan that the organization Daash still able to "terrorist attacks" in the world , despite setbacks in reasonableness in Syria and Iraq. 
Brennan said before the Intelligence Committee in the US Senate four days after the attack lasted Florida committed Mbaya to organize jihad "unfortunately , despite all the progress we have made ​​against al Daash on the battlefield and in the financial field, our efforts have not led to a reduction of its capacity to launch terrorist attacks in the world , " according to news agency Firas Press. coincide Brennan 's comments with a US President Barack Obama visited Orlando to honor the victims of the worst attack witnessed in US territory since the atheist th of September and adopted by jihadists. Brennan said that "with the increasing pressure" on the extremist organization on theground in Iraq and Syria , "we believe he will intensify" efforts to the terrorist organization strongest stays in the world . However , he stressed that the international coalition against the jihadists in Syria and Iraq undermines the project "succession." " The increasing number of fighters of this terrorist organization no longer have illusions, and that the organization is facing more difficulties in recruiting fighters into its ranks."According to Brennan, the number of the organization Daash fighters currently Aruah between "18 and 22 thousand fighters", a much lower number of last year it reached estimated "33 thousand or more." the CIA director said the gunmen also lost financial resources , although they are still able to get the "tens of millions of dollars in revenue , " the monthly through their finances and the smuggling of oil. but the organization "it remains a strong opponent , " according to Brennan, who pointed out that the group led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi , "trains" potential perpetrators of attacks "and trying to be deployed for new attacks." the director of the "CIA" the organization "probably" trying to infiltrate into Western countries, taking advantage of " theflow of refugees," and "illegal channels" or "legal travel routes." observed the return of concentration Daash organizing terrorist activities in Syria and Iraq as well, where he waged a bloody attacks against civilians.Brennan said he was "to compensate for the loss of land, the organization resorted to guerrilla tactics", trying especially the "attack" by Iraqi forces in the towns recaptured. He called Brennan United States and its partners once again to find more ways to confront the jihadists on the Internet, either through propaganda on social media or the use of encrypted communications. He pointed out that Twitter, Talegram and Tampelr, are the three platforms used by the organization Daash "to spread the official propaganda on the Internet." In terms of encryption, Brennan said he must find a "way would the government be able to assume their responsibilities" to protect the citizens, "without exposing significant contributions" to these technologies in society. On the other hand, expressed his CIA director expressed concern about the vulnerability of networks informatics infrastructure US core. " I do not want to get something similar to September 11 from the digital side." He added that "Digital Domain is a new field, and I do not think the legal cadres, legitimacy and Hiklaatna Alamlatyh currently able to meet this challenge." Furthermore, the European Union expected, defeat organize Daash in Iraq and Syria during the year and the support of the international coalition, as warned Europe of the return of foreign fighters to them, he pointed to the possibility of the extremist organizations torecruit Syrian refugees. he said anti - terrorism coordinator at EU Gilles de Kerchove said in remarks followed up (range Press) the "expected to be the destruction of the organization fully Daash in Iraq and Syria during the period of one year with the help of the international coalition." He said anti - terrorism coordinator, said :"Europe has to take precautions for the return of foreign fighters to their respective countries, and we have to prepare to deal with them , " warning of " the possibility of a extremist organizations to recruit Syrian refugees their seducer. "

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