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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Alliance International: Iraqi forces control 50% of Fallujah



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Alliance International: Iraqi forces control 50% of Fallujah

Post by rocky on Wed 22 Jun 2016, 4:10 am

Alliance International: Iraqi forces control 50% of Fallujah

 BAGHDAD / Reuters 

A senior commander in the Iraqi army said that troops fighting in Fallujah Daash advancing towards the strongholds of theorganization in the western areas where youexpect that recent efforts are underway to restore the city. He announced Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi victory on Friday after the troops arrived to the city , which lies on the hour 's drive to the west of Baghdad. But an official in thecoalition led by the United States said on Sunday that the Iraqi forces are not controlled yet only half ofFallujah. 
And entered the process to restore the city - which is which was the first major city controlled by Altnzim- its fourth week on Monday and the fighting has forced more than 85 thousand of the population to flee to overcrowded camps run by the government. 
the Iraqi forces continue to face shootings, suicide bombings and attacks while confronting militants north of the road that runs through the city. 
Maj . Gen. Abdul - Wahab al - Saadi told Reuters, in a temporary headquarters in one of the southern regions , "now the biggest effort is on the western axis. If collapsed Daash in the western axis and went sectors to the Golan neighborhood will not hear salvo inside Fallujah , ".oiqatl soldiers from the counter - terrorism force, led by al - Saadi organize Daash in the neighborhood officers to the east, Saadi said that 50 militants had been killed there in strikes aerial view of the coalition on Sunday, although 15 others at least have died in theclashes. 
He said the military commander said the army troops that are moving north from the police district has not yet Aljughaifi area on the northern outskirts of the city of intervention while advancing units of the Baghdad operations command , the military district Far East. 
He Saadi, as he sat with other officers from the anti - terrorism device on a plastic table with wireless devices within a building under construction, said that the fight will end soon. 
he said that most of the militants, including a few hundred foreign fighters have been killed or arrested during an attempt to escape among civilians. Only six have been killed by elements of the anti - terrorism forces.Government forces launched a campaign on 23 May to restore Fallujah. 
In Fallujah , which was marked by violence for more than ten years - between al - Qaeda and US forces and Iraqi security forces to later - is difficult to determine the extent the damage caused by the recent fighting of destruction is clear. 
On the way from Saadi site to the city center there are the remains of car bombs sent by the organization recently. 
It seems that the latest round of fighting has resulted in lower than previous campaigns , including the battle in which took place the restoration of the city of Ramadi, which lies about 50 km to the west about six before losses months. 
The hit Fallujah less than air strikes to the number indicates the rapid progress of Iraqi forces into the city center last week that al - Daash been cultivated many mines means. 
He estimated Saadi size of the damage to the infrastructure of the city for less than five percent, which Reuters was unable to verify from him. Has not yet been examined most of the houses to make sure they arefree of explosives , a process that would delay the return of the population. 
Government forces said on Monday that the main hospital, which was a stronghold of insurgents and cornered by troops on Monday, burned in part but have not been planting mines it was not the suicide bombers also it was suspected at first. Police were examining the compound only on unidentified bodies and body buried element of Daash did not find. 
Issued Saadi is via the wireless device to prevent any person to enter the building again in an apparent attempt to prevent the security elements that are not disciplined to carry out looting. 
On the way was littered with the effects of the clashes seemed a major mosque domes decorated withglaucoma firm did not touch him almost no damage. He urged a reporter soldiers to stay in the middle of thestreet to avoid bombs planted on the side of the road.

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