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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Last bastions Daash Heights neighborhood in Fallujah .. army frees 600 civilians from the secret pri



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Last bastions Daash Heights neighborhood in Fallujah .. army frees 600 civilians from the secret pri

Post by rocky on Thu 23 Jun 2016, 3:42 am

Last bastions Daash Heights neighborhood in Fallujah .. army frees 600 civilians from the secret prisons

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Since the start of liberalization of Fallujah process 0.4 weeks ago, has Daash all control of the city except the Jolan neighborhood , inaddition to a small town located in the southern parties. 
It is expected Fighters Local support the joint forces, the presence of detainees in the city executed by theorganization during the withdrawal operations have not found them yet. 
Entered Iraqi forces into the center of Fallujah Friday, and raised the national flag over city hall. 
He announced Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, last Friday, for the "liberation of Fallujah Daash." He said ,"There are still some spots that need to be cleansed in the coming hours." 
The commander of the Fallujah operations Abdul Wahab al - Saadi team, Tuesday, that the liberation of thecity center means that the job is done militarily. "What is happening in this time is to cleanse the rest of theneighborhoods and alleys, to be fully completed in a matter of days." 
But Col. Christopher Garver, a spokesman for the international coalition, said that "Iraqi forces controlled a third of the city as clashes continue to circle in the rest of the city ". He warned Garver that "Iraqi soldiers will face stiff resistance as they left the center of the city." 
The US official said that "the organization of the Islamic state line of defense (Daash) around the city is not cohesive as in the inside , " he expected that the Iraqi Army is facing the fiercest fighting there. 
The leaders the Iraqis, on Tuesday, they were able to expel the elements of the organization of the two areas north of the city. They added that " the battle of Fallujah claimed the lives of 2500 combatant", but the number could not be ascertained from another source. 
And pushed the battle restore Fallujah , thousands of civilians to flee out of the city, which led to ahumanitarian crisis due to the ill - prepared to house the human wave in the camps. Withdraw to the GolanHe fled more than 80,000 people from the city since the beginning of the restoration of Fallujah operation, according to Saadoun al - Shaalan, Mayor of Fallujah, which was confirmed by saying "did not stay in inside Fallujah civilians only families Daash which refuses to go out and withdrew into the Golan neighborhood." said Shaalan, in connection with (range), that " the Golan neighborhood became the last stronghold of Daash in Fallujah , " attributing the cause of the decline militants into the northern neighborhood to "narrow alleys and the density of the houses the presence of it." and saw the neighborhood Golan Heights, a neighborhood in theold city, in the years of the war against al - Qaida 's fiercest battles , turning to Daash Center after theemergence of the organization the end of 2013 and reached the elite troops to the Golan Heights neighborhood after he took control, the past two days, the police district, northeast of the city, at a time units Baghdad operations command had regained control of the military district. recently, it has forces to theneighborhood Aljughaifi, northwest of the city, while still gravel area, a town on the outskirts of the southern axis of the external Fallujah , however Daash, but experiencing clearing operations and wide since yesterday, out of hand Amiriyah. did not face elite forces, as had been expected, difficulties in avoiding IEDs and mines , according to al - Shaalan, who asserts that " the packages were much lower than the gray. After the end of the block lines in the outskirts of the city there is no longer explosive. " The organization Daash had taken thecity three types of fortifications, are: trenches and tunnels, containers, and snipers. Arrest spokesman Allegiance! In the meantime , continue to the security authorities to investigate the displaced families on theoutskirts of Fallujah . This is the introduction of the names of all males in a database compiled by theauthorities intelligence to make sure that links to the insurgency. He says local official said , "some of thedetainees were not named within the database , but some of the displaced testified affiliation of those to Daash." turn says Mahmoud al - Jumaili, a former colonel in the Iraqi army and a leader in the crowd clan: "We have arrested 225 suspects in the Amiriyah Fallujah only, during the displacement to the city." He said Jumaili, in connection with the (range), said that "some of the detainees had confessed Bartbakem mass killings and genocide, and belonging to Daash." the security official revealed that "among the detainees ,Sheikh Ahmad shield, a tribal leader who followed last June year, the announcement Maaraf allegiance clans of Fallujah Council Karma Daash." the group who described the elders clans of Fallujah and Karmah, declared during video recording broadcast regulation on electronic sites, the pledge of allegiance to the leader of theorganization and launched an attack on Sunni representatives in the Iraqi government and parliament. He said the Senate, through their participation in what was called the "tribal conference in Fallujah," the blessing ofvictories organization, praised what they described as a "black battlefield pause", in reference to what weachieved militants Daash. He commended these elders Baghdadi 's speech, which was in agreement with the demands of elders and notables of the tribes of Anbar, on "forgiveness and open the door of repentance isgenerally of the same injustice." in the organization 's prisons to the detection of Jumaili for enabling Iraqi forces from the jaws of the families of 600 civilians being held by the Daash in secret prisons. the transfer Anbar leadership role in mobilizing all detainees held by the organization released they "heard the calls of thegunmen time of the entry of Iraqi forces, and demanded the execution of 150 Vlogia in the catacombs under the ground before the withdrawal." It is expected to be Jumaili those prisons, where prisoners were executed, inside the Industrial Zone in central Fallujah. Revealing warplanes bombed by mistake to imprison featuring women and children being held by Daash in the Nazzal neighborhood, which led to the killing of all thedetainees inside. He pointed out that some of the detainees have Daash were getting half a loaf and a bottle of water a day, and they are tortured Boukngahm put plastic bags on their faces to extract confessions. And confirms the security official said , "Daash burned the houses before escaping from the center of Fallujah, while the wives took gold, money and dropped out with the displaced people." Jumaili says , "I'm having ahard time persuading the rest of the tribal leaders and officials of the need to arrest women Daash assets in the camps, because of the sensitivity of the matter, and the tribal nature of the city , " he said , adding "they eventually felons must arrest them ."

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