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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Defense: 53 terrorists killed in various operations breakers



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Defense: 53 terrorists killed in various operations breakers

Post by rocky on Sat Jun 25, 2016 3:40 am

[ltr]Defense: 53 terrorists killed in various operations breakers[/ltr]

 Since 24/06/2016 18:23 pm (Baghdad time)
[ltr]Baghdad balances News[/ltr]
[ltr]Defense Ministry announced, on Friday, killing 53 Daashaa in various cutters operations.[/ltr]
[ltr]A statement from the Department of Defense received / balances News /, that "for the purpose of perpetuating thepressure on terrorist groups and to miss the opportunity they carried out the pieces of our military heroine various breakers several operations proactive operations, where he continued Champions leadership of Salahuddin operations and the pieces thereto progress towards the goals set out where they were clearing a village Sheikh Ali wholly Conception Daash terrorist gangs, and has control of the hand Makhoul center and raising the Iraqi flag over it , and resulted in the cleansing process within the Sheikh Ali village for treatment wheel and destroy and address a group of terrorists were holed up inside the gas station , Sheikh Ali, killing six members of the terrorist Daash gangs were hiding inside the house in the region by the military aviation heroes. "[/ltr]
[ltr]"In another context I tried Daash gangs terrorist closer to our units , in the thermal energy region and holed upinside the buildings in the area and our troops destroying two buildings and killed by three Kornet missiles against shelters, and in a related context has been monitoring a group of terrorist elements Daash near the slot bridge was killing six of them by a detachment mortar belonging to the rapid Reaction Brigade 3, with out power from emergency Regiment 2 duty to Qadisiyah area villages and pink in the district of Tikrit, during the inspection was dismantled Jlcan 1 capacity of 20 liters contains a substance ammonium nitrate works Rosary system, and emerged stronger from the police Department science based on intelligence information confirming affiliation terrorist Ahmed Munif Abdullah to Daash terrorist gangs where cast force arrested him and handed him over tothe Directorate of intelligence and counter - terrorism , salads, and during the scrutiny families returning from thedisplacement of the province of Salahuddin names in the control of the entrance to the flag were arrested accused Qusai Saleh Musleh Hamud maids and Saad Al Abdullah Al Mahmoud Suleiman al - Ajili wanted to National Security Directorate Salahuddin and the Directorate General of intelligence and Security.[/ltr]
[ltr]And "In another context , the number of families returning from the displacement of the province of Salahuddin reached after checking the security position in the leadership intelligence cell 48 499 families, noting that" underthe leadership of the Liberation of Nineveh was destroyed the headquarters of the gangs Daash terrorist through theair strike carried out by the international coalition aircraft.[/ltr]
[ltr]And he finished "In the village of Albu and Levi , a village south of Mosul and subsidiaries to Haj Ali resulted in thekilling of nine of Aldoaash During another blow carried out by coalition aircraft were destroyed seven boats for terrorist gangs Daash in the Tigris River north of the village of ship hand Qayyarah.[/ltr]
[ltr]He noted that "one of the factions of the engineering battalion processing field of sixteen band carried out a duty in Al - Tash area of the city of Ramadi , where they blew amassed hardware contains a material 30 Glicana CIFOR, 23 different mortar, various explosives strapped ripe for an explosion, detonation cord 30 length m 0.29 valve different mortars 0.3 valve mortar cannon 0.5 landmines against armor, and in the leadership of the island 'soperations conclusively been destroyed four armed wheels elements Daash terrorist and killed them at the age ofWolf area and killed 15 terrorists from Daash in pristine neighborhood to spend Hit strikes aerial view of thealliance, and destroyed the heroes of the leadership of the seventh infantry Division command island operations several trenches and killed 22 terrorist elements Daash airstrike by international airline alliance in the area of thewheel. "[/ltr]
[ltr]The statement said "within the leadership Infantry Division seventeen boycotted arrested a number of wanted men, after receiving information from the National Security Agency and the Division of Intelligence Mahmudiya ,indicating that there is a wanted in residue region boycotted the Third Battalion Infantry Brigade 23 wanted men inaccordance with Article 4/1 terror, and through the implementation of duty by the regiment fourth infantry Brigade 23 in Shahe district 5 and after the search and raid arrested two wanted men in accordance with Article 4/1 ofterrorism, and after receiving intelligence information about the presence of accumulated for munitions and weapons in Hrabh region boycotted the first batch infantry Brigade 55 and after a search, inspection was found anexplosive belt 0.247 hand grenades, a Kalashnikov rifle 0.3 pomegranate calories against armor, pomegranate launcher against armor.[/ltr]
[ltr]" The army aviation aircraft carried out combat operations under the Edit Fallujah operation resulted in thetreatment of a group of people and a car belonging to them , and the hit was direct, a sniper killed inside a school with a group of gunmen, destroying wheel bearing mono weapon and bicycles , motorbike, and in Sector Salah al -Din and Mosul operations group killed elements Daash in refractories area, addressing three wheels with a group of gunmen in the Sheikh Ali district, treatment homes were holed up militants, and it was the plane the results of themarch ch4. to Daash inside a house located where from 8 to 10 people gathered, addressing the gathering inside ahouse and wheel bicycle address motorcycle rally Doaash inside a house in the neighborhood Aljgayevh.anthy 29 / d 24 address[/ltr]


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