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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US intelligence: Daash will resort to guerrilla warfare after losing land



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US intelligence: Daash will resort to guerrilla warfare after losing land

Post by rocky on Sat 25 Jun 2016, 3:09 am

US intelligence: Daash will resort to guerrilla warfare after losing land

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He praised President Barack Obama and some administration officials and military gains achieved by government forces against Daash group in Iraq, but that experts and other officials warn that the air and ground campaign is not eliminated Daash final and may even backfire. 
Whereas helped defeats Daash to erase its image as a group can not be defeated, those defeats threaten bygiving more legitimacy in the eyes of the disaffected Sunni Muslims as the Shiites and the Kurds fighters make up a significant part of this campaign, according to some intelligence officials Alomirkah.oodhav American officials that the second risk is that the group, as a result of losses in Fallujah and elsewhere, will betransformed into a military unconventional tactics and direct attacks on vulnerable targets in Europe and theUnited States and others. 
He warned an official at the CIA - declined to be named after losses in Fallujah and other cities, it is likely to resort Daash to guerrilla tactics to disrupt efforts to restore basic services. "We expect that the Daash group harassed the local forces that hold the liberated cities and this in turn leads to the prolongation of the military campaign." Areas controlled by the group helped her earn a lot of revenue through the sale of oil and taxation, and provided a base to launch attacks on the capital , Baghdad, and was a way to recruit fighters Alojanb.ovi June 14 Wish Came True ... after an armed pro-Daash of killing 49 people in Orlando - said President Obama said the group is losing money , which is the backbone of her life with the continuing loss of the areas it controls. 
at June 10 Brett Mcgork, presidential envoy to the international coalition, briefly in front of the White House ,said that the group has lost half of the land that was controlled in Iraq and 30% of oil production , which represents half Aaidadtha.lkn seems that fighters Daash in Iraq adopt the strategy of guerrilla warfare, according to Seth Jones , an analyst at the RAND Corporation, where he says , " it seems that the group has lost the areas controlled by that means it is preparing to fight at another time." 
despite the progress that has been made ​​against Daash on the battlefield and in the financial field, John Brennan , director of the CIA , said last week before the Senate intelligence "our efforts did not limit the Group 's ability to carry out terrorist acts and globally length. The resources necessary for terrorism are very few and it was supposed to suffer the group of more losses in territory and combat power and money to destroy their ability dramatically . "He said officials in Baghdad that Iraq 's Sunnis are no longer looking to fighters Daash that they are liberators, and that the Shiite role in the fight less than a year ago as a result , it was the Iraqi army gain satisfaction year and accepted, because it is less sectarian than it was in the era ofNuri al - Maliki. 
in light of the military setbacks facing Daash, the number of foreign fighters coming to Iraq and Syria fell to alarge extent, according to a source from the international coalition. 
officials in anti - European terrorism: that 300-400 fighters in the ranks of Daash returned to Britain are concerns they promoted the ideology of Daash and rally disordered individuals mentally. 
He says American officials and foreign experts say the elimination of the threat of Daash requires acombination of military gains in Iraq , and Syria 's political and economic reforms. 
He says Hassan Hassan, an analyst at the Royal Institute of international Affairs in London, "Daash group hasbecome a strong organization because of political failure. I'm afraid that there will be considerable focus on the military side , rather than focusing on the political, social and religious dimensions. "

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