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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Peshmerga crowd and planned to launch a process in the west of Tuz



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Peshmerga crowd and planned to launch a process in the west of Tuz

Post by rocky on Sun 26 Jun 2016, 05:17

Peshmerga crowd and planned to launch a process in the west of Tuz

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Assured the crowd the Turkmen in Kirkuk province, on Saturday, near the start of theprocess for the Liberation of the West spend Tuz area, east of Tikrit, 170 kilometers north of the capital Baghdad , 
said Abu Rida al - Najjar, the supervisor of the brigade crowd Turkmen axis of the north, in an interview to the (long - Presse), " The Western spend Tuz area, which extends a distance of over 25 km, and has more than 37 villages inhabited by Arabs and Turkmen, and was under the control of the organization Daash since June 2014, was freed hard security and coordination between the army and the crowd, the police and the Peshmerga , "noting that" the edits have not expanding cutter because of preoccupation withcomplete liberalization of Tikrit and Baiji, Ramadi and Fallujah. " 
he added Abu Rida al - Najjar that" there is a plan to be implemented very soon for the Liberation of the West of Tuz areas, so as to contribute to strengthening the security of the judiciary and hand Amerli 0.95 km south of the city of Kirkuk, and prevents exposure to the Hamrin mountains and the city Tikrit and the outskirts ofKirkuk. " 
the leader of Turkmenistan that" edit Hawija and other areas south of Kirkuk and west, will go a ways Daash supply and reduce its activity and exposures to conclusively West spend Tuz that poses a strategic and vital sites close on the road Alstratja link between the Kurdistan region and areas of central and southern Iraq ". 
attribute carpenter reasons for organizing Daash to attack south of Kirkuk regions to" his quest to prove theexistence and ease the pressure on in Anbar and Salah al - Din, as well as to deliver a message to impede thereturn of displaced persons liberated areas located areas seam between him and the crowd and thePeshmerga. " 
says the official Turkmen" it is not the interest of any party fighting terrorism and defending the lives of Iraqis and protect the political system, impeding the return of displaced persons , or make demographic changes demographic, "but he also said , " but the return of displaced persons to areas west of Tuz currently may pose a threat to them, especially after the recent security breaches experienced by the region, as happened in Bir Ahmed and Bstamla and Zerga, on the 17th of June the current, as well as two suicide point Sulaiman Bek inspection, indicating the existence of the scheme's (Daash) aims to target the security forces and thecreation of tension between ethnic groups in them. " 
He continues , the supervisor of the brigade crowd Turkmen, " The crowd and the Peshmerga started work the Chamber of joint operations to coordinate their efforts to protect the West spend Tuz areas and confront terrorism Daash." 
for his part , calls for Mayor spend Tuz waterfall Abdoul to the need to "re - displaced people to their areas, especially from the people hand the center of Sulaiman Bek, to bring life to it . " he expressed surprise at the "Do not allow the return of displaced side despite the passage of nearly a year to edit them from the control of the organization Daash." 
said Abdoul, in an interview to the (long - Presse), said that " the security situation in the district of Tuz become more stable thanks to the exercise of responsibility by everyone and a commitment to the agreement between the popular crowd and the Turkmen and the Peshmerga forces , "and urged" the continuation ofdialogue and cooperation between the parties concerned to maintain the security of the judiciary and itsstability. " 
stressed Mayor Tuz on the importance of " exchange the necessary compensation to the families of themartyrs, the wounded and the owners of the role commercial Bataiwz and shops. " 
turn students Sheikh Sami Hussein Sultan al - Bayati, head of the Arab tribal council in Tuz and Sulaiman Bek, to "re - displaced people to their homes and their participation to achieve security with the rest of the tribes and the security services." 
explains al - Bayati, said in an interview to the (long - Presse), that " the people of the liberated areas havesuffered a lot and came today, in order to understand each other and agree and help each other , "returned to" the return of displaced people to their land and their role in the Sulaiman Bek should be given priority as contribute to unify people of the area effort against the enemy Daash terrorist. " 
the number of people of Sulaiman Bek hand, up to more than 20 thousand people , live in nearly 40 villages, has not been able to return despite edited more than a year.

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