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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Found the bodies of civilians and executed by Lashkar-e-Daash secret prisons in the center of Falluj



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Found the bodies of civilians and executed by Lashkar-e-Daash secret prisons in the center of Falluj

Post by rocky on Sun 26 Jun 2016, 4:18 am

Found the bodies of civilians and executed by Lashkar-e-Daash secret prisons in the center of Fallujah

 Baghdad / term 

The joint forces raised, on Saturday, the Iraqi flag over the Golan neighborhood dispensary another building stronghold of al Daash north of Fallujah. In the meantime , the federal police announced the release of 700 meters deep in the same neighborhood. 
The security forces have surrounded since last week , this neighborhood is another neighborhood , which isstill under the control of insurgents. A month after the start of a large - scale attack against one of the main strongholds Daash, close to the elite forces are to extend full control over the city of Fallujah. The Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi has declared victory over a week ago, and focused recent operations to hunt down pockets of the organization in the northern neighborhoods of Fallujah . the military media cell, in a brief statement posted on its website, " the commandos sixth band waving the Iraqi flag at the health clinic in theneighborhood of Golan , north of Fallujah , " without giving further details. in turn, the team Raed Shakir Jawdat, the federal police chief said in an interview to (long - Presse), " the security forces were able, on Saturday afternoon, cleared 700 m deep into the Golan neighborhood, north of Fallujah, killing the leader ofthe organization Daash Fallujah called Abu Ubaidah al - Ansari , who holds an Arab nationality , " noting that "combat troops advance to the Golan Heights neighborhood of more than one axis and from all sides. " He said Jawdat" the next few hours will see a large military results in clearing Fallujah operations after the blows received by the terrorist organization through the wilderness liberation battles and air strikes to fly theinternational coalition. " concurrently, revealed a security source in Anbar for editing 3 areas adjacent neighborhood Golan before storming it . the source said in an interview with (long - Presse), " the police cuts federal able to edit the first teachers regions and April 7 and the republic bordering neighborhood Heights, north of Fallujah, from the control of the organization Daash through liberate the Golan Heights process. " the source, who requested anonymity, that" the joint security forces progressing to the depth of the Golan neighborhood, north of Fallujah, to edit it fully. " previously the security forces that were discovered in thenearby police district from the Golan neighborhood, a workshop for making explosives regulation devised to kill security forces and civilians, since jammed local dozens of rockets and bomb - making materials. the spread welding equipment, and yellow blocks of plastic bottles and placed in a pot of paint, bags filled with Balsoaak and other stuffed powder throughout the rooms. while destroyed the entire south of Fallujah homes through the height of the attack earlier this month, it appears that large areas in the north of the city escaped with relatively minor damage. as the Iraqi security forces found the bodies of 15 people , mostly civilians , weresummarily executed organize Daash shot inside one Matqlath in the city of Fallujah, according to sources security Friday told AFP. he said Lt. Gen. Abdul - Wahab al - Saadi, chief of operations in Fallujah, told AFP, " the security forces found the bodies of 15 people , most of them civilians and including military, inside theprison in the second teachers ' zone" in the north of the city. for his part, confirmed the officer colonel in Anbar police "anti - terror and rapid reaction forces discovered a prison belonging to organize Daash in thesecond teachers ' area." said Colonel , who is inside Fallujah "after the prison inspection had found the bodies of 15 civilians and Askaran executed by the organization during the past few days to shoot in different parts of the body, especially the head. " in turn, Brigadier General Mehdi Abbas assured of rapid reaction in Anbar forces," found the victims Thursday. " the news of social networking sites and images of bodies piled inside ahole and the other others inside the prison , said he is in Fallujah. the team Raed Shakir Jawdat , commander Federal police said in a previous "find security forces on prisons to organize Daash in the neighborhood still time." he explained that "a prison wrote it ( the parish prison), and another (prison torture) and third (Brotherhood prison) , " without reference to find the victims.

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