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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daily Star: Provides Iraqis in Fallujah exceeded all expectations



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Daily Star: Provides Iraqis in Fallujah exceeded all expectations

Post by rocky on Sun 26 Jun 2016, 4:23 am

Daily Star: Provides Iraqis in Fallujah exceeded all expectations

 translation term 

Iraqi forces chased Daash fighters in recent strongholds in Fallujah at a time when thecamps are packed Thousands of displaced civilians from the city. 
After a month at the start of the attack exceeded progress on the military front all expectations , but the scope of the humanitarian crisis that followed has expanded a lot. 
He said the team Abdulwahab al - Saadi operation commander most of the northern and central parts of Fallujah has been cleared of Daash group, and remained little of their fighters in the teachers ' quarters and the occupied north of the city. Militants in the Golan and showed some resistance but we Sddnahm and killed a number of them. " 
Operations in the north of the city - led anti - terrorism forces , as well as federal and local police. After thefirst page to surround Fallujah elite forces stormed the city center, dominated by relatively quickly. On June 17 announced that Prime Minister al - Abadi victory he said he did not remain only small pockets of its fighters, and that Iraqi troops raised the Iraqi flag at the government complex downtown. 
team - Saadi said the government troops seized control of at least three - quarters of the city, while Christopher Graver spokesman said of the international coalition that a third of the city only been disinfected in accordance with military custom. 
US troops fought insurgents in 2004 in Fallujah suffered the worst losses since the Vietnam war , despite its numerical superiority and technological. it was expected that the Iraqi forces are facing the most difficult battle, and that desperate fighters Daash to defend their stronghold until the death. in 
contrast fled tens of thousands civilians hungry from their homes and filled government camps, as the influx of displaced families incapable relief organizations approved by inadequate response, he said Nasser Mvlahi, NRC director for displaced people in Iraq, "we have to admit the failure of the humanitarian organizations in Iraq, there is a severe lack of funding but there is no justification for the lack of aid agencies to help thepeople of Fallujah. " 
while existing camps endured overloaded, there are other camps are erected , but the new displaced families often do not find what you sleep it or what you eat and drink. She says the victory of Mohammed - which sleeps with three and ten other people 's children on Hurcvin, "We have nothing here except our clothes we wear, my baby is four months is sick and I do not have milk to feed him." 
And driven more than 85 thousand people since the start of the Falluja offensive, bringing the total number displaced from their homes due to the conflict in Iraq to more than 3.3 million since the beginning of 2014 ,about half of Anbar province. 
 Ebadi said that the next target for his troops would Mosul, the capital alleged Daash in Iraq. Counter -terrorism forces, which make their way north along the Tigris River, some areas recently , and her eyes and took control toward Qayyarah hand that will become the starting point for the Liberation of the city of Mosul point. 
He said the team Abdulwahab al - Saadi "managed our troops yesterday to penetrate the first Daash defensive line , which had hoped to grab this region but it could not and would next attack our forces on thecity of Sharqat. "

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