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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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New York Times wrote Wahhabi mingle with Saddam wrote in the headquarters Daash inside Fallujah



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New York Times wrote Wahhabi mingle with Saddam wrote in the headquarters Daash inside Fallujah

Post by rocky on Sun 26 Jun 2016, 4:26 am

New York Times wrote Wahhabi mingle with Saddam wrote in the headquarters Daash inside Fallujah

 translation: Range 

With Iraqi troops entered the city of Fallujah, unfolded remains gloomy for more than two years under the rule of Daash. The bodies decomposed decapitated, pieces of hair shaven extremists shaved their beards to mingle with fleeing civilians from the city, cages detainees were locked in can not per cage more than a dog is medium sized. 
The troops found books on the extremist Wahhabi that inspired them Daash, as well as books about Saddam Hussein , who drew the group of his reign of intimidation and secrecy. 
However clearer picture of life under Daash inside Fallujah, it was revealed that a visit to the areas recaptured by government forces there was heavy fighting is still going on . After that the troops raised the Iraqi national flag at the main government complex and declared victory moved the battle to the western areas of the city where still some fighters , most of them foreigners, according to officials. 
he says Colonel Christopher Graver, a spokesman for the US military in Baghdad, said he had been cleared of nearly a third of the city from insurgents, with this, the US officials believe that the city will fall ultimately ,however , the government.   
He says Col. Mohammed al - Jumaili, commander of the crowd clan in al - Anbar, "he did not fight militants Daash seriously this time because their commanders left them alone. resisted by local militants in thebeginning, but they have started fleeing with displaced families after it became clear to them the victory of the governing coalition of forces the army, the police and the popular crowd and clans. " 
adds Colonel Jumaili that in 2004 many of the people of Fallujah fought US troops because they see them asinvading forces and the duty of Muslims to fight. But this time has caught up with parents that there is a big difference in terms does not require them fight their own people. 
Military commanders say the Daash built defenses on the perimeter of the city, and when Iraqi forces penetrated the defenses were able to move easily into the city center , where he fled a lot of fighters Daash. 
Said team Abdulwahab al - Saadi, commander of the anti - terrorism forces, which led the attack, in one of the liberated areas, "this is a neighborhood of Nazal , who has eluded the Americans in the first battle." 
the team Saadi moving in the streets, carrying a computer , tablet shows battlefield maps, along with wireless can through scrutiny coordinates artillery and air strikes. 
the team Saadi occasionally stop to speak with the soldiers - some of them were standing in the house and others over the surfaces with snipers - or to take pictures. Suddenly injured one of his men by firing in the leg from an unknown source and rushed everyone to be covered until he was transferred wheel Humvee and blood coming from his leg. 
There are a lot of destruction to the point that some parts of the city look like taken from a science fiction film, and the dust is volatile adds to the terrible scene. But there are other areas remained intact. In fact ,the level of destruction is less than in the city of Ramadi , freed earlier this year, in Ramadi destroyed Daash lot of buildings when he fled, and that the Iraqi air bombardments and air strikes alliance flattened more leveled buildings, and there was a smaller number of civilians to worry about shelling . 
once again shed light on the battle of Fallujah , Iraq as an arena to compete over influence between theUnited States and Iran. In one of the areas of the city there are team - Saadi men who worked closely with the United States for more than a decade and have a strong reputation as fighters are tough, and in another area , there 's federal police units that had proved effective in the attack on the city. 
On the other side there are fighters of the popular crowd of Organization Badr backed by Iran and who promised not to enter the city, but they did so wearing federal police uniforms, according to witnesses and some lawmakers who have criticized this act. 
The presence of the crowd inside Fallujah , raising the US military concern, he says Colonel Graver "we heard rumors of great concern for us because we do not support these groups but we support the federal police, if we did not know who the who 's on the battlefield, it affects the provision of support to them. " the 
United States insists on engaging government forces only in the fight of Fallujah on the grounds that thepresence of the crowd forces in Fallujah would raise sectarian tensions. 
Many of the people Fallujah who have recently fled into the desert by the thousands they said life under Daash was so good government siege began last December. 
She says one of the ladies in an interview with her ​​in the camp for displaced people "in the beginning were not our problem, and they treat us well treated , but the situation changed after the siege. Frankly , we do not care is security , both with Daash or with Baghdad. " 
While others have talked about the horror of life under Daash, and they were shot while trying to flee in recent weeks, and the lack of food because the gunmen were hoarding food for themselves at the start of the siege. 
In the camps observed the small number of men among the displaced families, many of them detained by the government against the backdrop of suspicion of links to Bdaash. one of those returning to their families from detention , said Iraqi troops treated him gently and he was pleased to report the associated Bdaash who knows them and many of them his neighbors, and believes that they should not clemency to any person joined Daash , says , "Believe me , if my son would have killed him."

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