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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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2000 intruder with the displaced people of Fallujah were being questioned .. and the survival of the



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2000 intruder with the displaced people of Fallujah were being questioned .. and the survival of the

Post by rocky on Mon 27 Jun 2016, 3:08 am

2000 intruder with the displaced people of Fallujah were being questioned .. and the survival of the people to prevent trapping city

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

After five weeks of starting edit Fallujah operations, the joint forces announced yesterday, the end of operations in the city after the control of the last bastions of the organization in the Golan neighborhood. Forces announced yesterday that it had arrested 2000 suspected of belonging to the organization, infiltrated among the displaced who fled Almedinh.kma liberated forces found, during the battles, at about 14 and the workshop and the coefficients of the bombings in thecity using local and imported materials for the preparation of explosives and rockets. 
And yesterday afternoon, arrived commanding general of Forces armed Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to Fallujah Center, in conjunction with the announcement of the team Abdul - Wahab al - Saadi, chief ofoperations, the end of military operations in the whole city. 
Saadi said in a press statement, said that the military operations are over liberalization of the Golan Heights neighborhood north of the city of Fallujah, asserting that " the killing in 1800 of a terrorist through the editing process. " 
the military media cell of the joint Special operations command earlier announced that the pieces of theBaghdad operations command took control of the bridge apartment buildings in Fallujah and north of theentire Golan Heights, as was liberated city Games and market Fallujah. the 
secret collapse Daash 
raised rapid liberalization of Fallujah questions about the reality of the organization that dominated the city before the months of control of Mosul in 2014. the information revealed by the (long) before the start of thefighting, about a deal for the tribes of Fallujah offered to the Iraqi government, civilian to enter without a fight against the failure to prosecute members of the organization of the citizens of the city. 
Commenting on the rapid collapse to Daash, Ghanem Al - Aifan, a member of the crisis cell in Anbar province , he says that " the city under siege for a long time caused to paralyze the gunmen capabilities and drained ofits elements in the south of the city battles." 
He added Aifan, through contact with the (range): "I appreciate the number of elements Daash in Fallujah atabout 1500 person , "pointing out that" the Iraqi forces were very courageous and able to quickly destroy thearmed capability and thanks to the accurate air strikes that targeted the gatherings organized and centers arming. " 
There were conflicting estimates, during the period of the battles and what preceded it , on the number ofmilitants who were inside Fallujah. He predicted the international coalition and the presence of between 700 - armed 800, while the commander of the Fallujah operations estimates indicate the existence of 3,500 fighters. 
Contrast was Ramadi, Anbar province, which freed it took about four months, with about three thousand fighters , mostly foreign suicide bombers. 
Unlike the command in the Fallujah, troops have faced in their advance towards the gray center of large fields of mines and booby - trapped houses caused to disrupt military operations for weeks in Haouz zones, pitch, Street 60, inspired pristine. 
Once the liberation of Fallujah forces exceeded the first block. Daash lines on the southern outskirts of thecity, until he collapsed regulation in full, not joint forces faced with the task of obstacles on their way to thegovernment complex , located in the heart of the city. 
attribute Aifan it to " the intensity of the presence of civilians in Fallujah , " he said , adding that "Daash began booby - trapped gray after the departure of the population , however , delayed the exit of civilians from Fallujah Prevention of booby - trapping homes. " 
provided nearly half a million people from Ramadi towards Hit or to camps for displaced people in the Amiriyah Fallujah. As the population of Fallujah, who estimated their number at 100 thousand people, within the city until the last battles week survived. 
14 workshop for booby - trapping 
and say see Barakat, head of the security committee in the Anbar " The breadth of booby - trapping in Ramadi began during the fighting , which lasted for about four months, which saw also a large exodus of thepeople. " 
reveals Al - Issawi (range) for" security forces to find 10 workshops for the manufacture of bottles and missiles into Fallujah. " Noting that "mines are made ​​of simple raw materials, and used water pipes for themanufacture of missiles, except for some plastic bottles that carry explosive material and wrote them in aforeign language." 
And found the joint forces inside shy bout and Byblos, caught up in southern Fallujah, the four workshops for the manufacture of car bombs, also found also in the industrial district, in the center of Fallujah, the machinery giant Turner (Tornat) to Tnasia missiles. 
the decline militants Daash, in recent weeks, from the center of Fallujah to the Golan neighborhood, located northwest of the city, taking advantage of the narrow alleys and the intensity of the presence of homes that are difficult to move large vehicles inside. 
investigation with the displaced 
to that, officials in Anbar denied by elements Daash surrendered to the joint forces. 
Faisal al - Issawi, director of hand Amiriyah Fallujah, said that "all the men who came out of Fallujah havebeen detained temporarily for primary achievement," However , to say "but our families element in the Iraqi national Daash of Albu Khalifa clan. " And Albu Khalifa is one of the most prominent clans of Fallujah, whose sons live in the age of flies area west of the city. 
He said al - Issawi, in connection with the (range), " The security forces detained 23 A man who came out of Fallujah and released everyone, while the remained four thousand only waiting for their role in theinvestigation of the total number of detainees. " 
but the local official revealed" the arrest of 2,000 people only, from among the 23,000 detainees were deported to combat crime on suspicion of committing crimes or belonging to a Daash. " 
and check with people fleeing from Fallujah , a committee composed of 6 views represent: the fight against terrorism, the CIA, the intelligence, the National Security agency, army intelligence, and internal intelligence. 
indicates al - Issawi that "these parties have sources that recognize whereby the are before in front of her form, as well as to check their names in the database." He stressed that " the main investigation is not yet with the 2000 detainee begins."

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