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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daash lost 10 thousand fighters since 2014 and its components are looking for an escape from Iraq an



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Daash lost 10 thousand fighters since 2014 and its components are looking for an escape from Iraq an

Post by rocky on Mon Jun 27, 2016 3:09 am

Daash lost 10 thousand fighters since 2014 and its components are looking for an escape from Iraq and Syria

 term translation * 

A military official said that American military leaders are considering whether they will seek additional coalition forces to help Iraqi forces in the fight against Daash, but they did not take a decision yet in this regard. 
Said Doug Chalmers Major General in the British Army and deputy commander of the support of the international coalition , "We are striving to be our size appropriate. the level of forces and capabilities additional forms part of the ongoing dialogue. " His 
comments came Chalmers after the Washington post reported that the generals are seeking to a request from President Obama for more troops and equipment to help strengthen the gains against extremists. 
He declined Chalmers reveal more details, but he said the additional capacity can be in the form of logistical matters and air support and surveillance. When asked about the size of the additional troops he said : "Rest assured numbers will not be in the thousands." 
Furthermore, the newspaper said (Washington Post) that Team X Mkvrland commander of coalition forces in Iraq is among the administration officials, MPs and military leaders who are fed up with the arbitrary determination of the number of troops. 
The recent boost to US forces in April, when the Secretary of defense Ashton Carter announced that the total number of troops will increase at a rate of 217 an element bringing the official number to 4087. with this theactual wholesale entry higher, because the Pentagon did not consider certain categories of forces. 
Obama was and is still reluctant to deploy additional troops in Iraq and Syria to fight Daash, because it came to power on the back of a promise to end the war in Iraq , and he warns of increasing the number gradually. 
Iraqi forces have made ​​significant gains against Daash and continues to cleanse Fallujah from the remnants of the extremists, and that most of the US forces in Iraq play a role consultant with Iraqi partners , although some special operations forces have helped in the implementation of raids on Daash. 
as the US presence in Iraq is sensitive for the private to the Iraqis for some Shiite parties that warns of US forces. 
suffer Daash group of big trouble in the major cities of Iraq and Syria , where shall apply the regular forces and support troops to it. 
recently it was reported that some of the extremists of the group trying to get out of the cities with thefleeing violence civilians, also said government forces attacks caused the death and injury of senior leaders in the last two years, and that many of the strongholds Daash surrounding cities of Raqqa and Mosul and Fallujah fell to government forces. 
in the meantime , ask the following questions: Where Group today stands in relation to its strength and its ability to win the war against the Iraqi and Syrian armies backed by the air force of Russia and the United States? Is it possible for the insurgents without the artillery and air force win battles against the army isequipped with the best equipment? Are you able Daash fighters to continue fighting after cutting the supply of arms and equipment, food and other logistics lines? What about the reserves of its strategy, what about medical assistance for their wounded? 
To understand this, we need information about Daash and structure analysis. Where the group appeared withpeople from various backgrounds came from all directions, where Astdrjtahm slogans spirited jihad against theenemies of Islam, and promised to Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi , leader of the group to establish an Islamic caliphate in Syria and Iraq to invade the whole world and includes everyone under the banner of Islam. 
He underwent recruits short to train on fire rifles and sophisticated weapons such as AK - 47s and rocket -propelled grenades and bazooka guns and hand grenades. Was also selected some of them to be suicide bombers, were commanders of these units of the former Iraqi army officers who declared their allegiance to Baghdadi. 
So what the size of the damage that can be caused by such a diverse group of any regular army? According to experts, Daash has little chance to win the big war against an army trained and equipped enough. 
The play years of training and intensive study, discipline and experience in the war an important role for any army in order to achieve its objectives. While fighters Daash of young people who do not have previous experience in fighting and lacked proper training on the real war, dying in the dozens on the streets of Mosul and tenderness, Fallujah and elsewhere. 
According to various media sources, out of 30 thousand fighters from Daash in 2014 now number fell to 20 people , mostly in these three cities and most of them were looking for ways to escape during the last two months. 
they were using civilians as human shields, and with the death or the loss of most of their leaders adult seems that these young fighters in a state of chaos. 
since the end of 2015 until mid - 2016 was the gradual decline of the strength Daash firearms in All the areas that were controlled and clear to those who follow the emergence of this group and its activities. 
since the start of aerial bombardment of the international coalition on their sites taken fleeing from oneposition to another and are stationed at the end of the day in the cities of Raqqa, Mosul and Fallujah, and reduced long convoys decreased beheadings public cleansing operations in the areas they occupy. 
today are forced to face the war that they started to spend perished at the end. It was the news of thealleged death of their leader , Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi , an air raid in November 2015 a significant impact on their morale, where Iraqi forces said they struck his convoy airstrike near the border with Syria, but did not check the news. 
Previously that the Iraqi security forces are reported injured Baghdadi or death in previous strikes, without checking it out . But it is strange that al - Baghdadi does not appear in any video in recent months. Reports that the second leader of the group Haji Imam was killed by the Americans in Syria reported. 
Intelligence that comes from within areas controlled by the group says that with the deaths of many of their commanders, this fractious group fighters are losing confidence in each and as a result it is now a lot of them to spies or informers made ​​their comrades to death. 
and when some of the leaders die during the aerial bombardment begins prosecution of whistleblowers, and according to a report of Osyoshitd Press that after the killing of one of their commanders airstrike the unity ofkilling 38 of its members for allegedly working as informants. 
We have chaos and confusion in all ranks Daash. Insurgents Young, who joined the Daash They dream of theestablishment of an Islamic caliphate, find a dream costly in terms of human lives. With the accumulation of the bodies of their fighters with the spread of mistrust between them, those young people began to abandon hope of fighting the name of Islam and trying to reach safer places, and here lies the beginning of the end for Daash.

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