BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq Informed Iraqi sources, on Monday, the commander of the Qods Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Qassem Soleimani left the city of Fallujah, along with four of the soldiers to the Lebanese Hezbollah leaders in Baghdad to prepare for the battle toliberate Almousel.onqlt newspaper "Okaz" Saudi sources working at the Iraqi defense ministry assaying: "the expanded meeting was held in the presence of defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi, andthe Secretary General of the Badr Organisation , the commander of the crowd the popular Shiite Hadi al - Amiri to discuss the upcoming battle details" . She said the sources it had been agreed atthe meeting that the Iraqi defense minister intensive contacts with joint command of forces andKurdish Peshmerga, and the leadership of the national crowd, led by former Nineveh governor Liberation of Iraq in coordination with the Turks advisers, to arrange and organize edit Almousel.ookdt plan sources that al - Obeidi , a task with the joint command of the Peshmerga and the National crowd Turks and advisers will be difficult, and expected lack of success because ofpolitical and military tensions between the joint command in Nineveh and joint leadership in Baghdad, in addition to that Baghdad intervention of the Turkish side in the affairs of Iraq opposes Ankara has demanded an end to its military presence in northern Iraq near the city ofAlmousel.ouhdhirt Peshmerga forces and the National crowd directly and strictly Soleimani popular crowd to involve themselves in battle edit Almousel.ivkr that Osama Najafi , former speaker of parliament and president are united coalition for reform and his brother , Ethel Nujaifi governor of Nineveh province , former commander of the National crowd forces made ​​up of Sunni fighters to support the efforts of the Government of Abadi in the war on the organization of theIslamic state reject strongly the participation of the crowd in the liberation of Mosul, as well as theUnion of forces during a statement in which he explained that the Iraqi army is Aharir Mosul and not the crowd Alhobei.oicol observers that the battle to liberate Mosul will be Ashida complicated than all the battles fought by the Iraqi government , backed by the security and military forces ,irregular, the city of the fact that a large population density in addition to the multi - ethnic components and Dinah.otattabr Mosul , Nineveh province, Iraq's second city in terms of population after Baghdad , where a population of more than two million people.