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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Federal police: We had 90 bombs in Fallujah and we catch documents to the perpetrators of the attack



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Federal police: We had 90 bombs in Fallujah and we catch documents to the perpetrators of the attack

Post by rocky on Tue 28 Jun 2016, 3:47 am

Federal police: We had 90 bombs in Fallujah and we catch documents to the perpetrators of the attacks in Baghdad

BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Command announced edit Fallujah operations, on Monday, clearing the international highway link between Fallujah and Baghdad, while confirming re - opened to the conduct ofmilitary convoys. 
Announced joint operations, on Sunday, ending the fighting after the liberation of the city officially full. And controlled the fight against terrorism and federal police units and troops Brigade rapid response and the Iraqi army and the crowd clan on the city of Fallujah after its liberation from the control of Daash. The crowd spread popular forces in the vine areas, Saqlawiya and Nuaimiya north of Fallujah, after its liberation early this month of June. Revealed the federal police headquarters, yesterday, killed more than 1,500 component (Daash) during the liberation of Fallujah battles. She pointed to chase those who tried to use people ashuman shields in the city, and confirmed that the popular crowd high system discipline. He said the federal police captain Raed Shakir Jawdat, during the Conference : journalist held in Camp Tariq and attended ( thelong - Presse) that " the battle to liberate Fallujah have been terminated Sunday, liberalization of the whole city after having used the enemy 's 90 car bombing against the Federal police as well as improvised explosive devices and withdrew after we killed 720 terrorists , including 30 leading and destroyed the defender resistant aircraft , "stressing" address 85 houses booby - trapped and did not found any civilians in the city. " He said Jawdat said " the security forces killed the leaders in organizing Daash officials to defend the city of Fallujah ,and two - Shami and Abu Qatada , " adding that it "was found on the tomb of the organization and thecoefficient of booby - trapping and the Office for recruitment as well as nationalities , Arabs and foreigners and 266 close to the elements in the organization carried out the operations in the capital , Baghdad." He said the federal police chief said "elements of the organization burning homes with their withdrawal from their control zones , " pointing out that "operations carried out by security forces killed more than 1,500 component of Daash, and in every battle we recognize the liberated areas to the leadership of Baghdad." He stressed Jawdat that " the enemy will not come back and We will pursue those who tried to use people as human shields , " attributing the reasons for delay in freeing the city of Fallujah to "open safe corridors for thecitizens." he stressed the federal police chief that the "popular crowd is the head portion of Iraq 's security system," he said , " the pleasure of the crowd involved with the federal police and found high system ofdiscipline. " in a related context, Lt. Gen. Abdul - Wahab al - Saadi, commander of the Fallujah operations, said in an interview with (long - Presse)," the security forces were able, yesterday afternoon, cleared the way international express between Fallujah and Baghdad , and re - opened fully from the sides of the road in front of the conduct of military convoys and combat the pieces until they allow for civilian vehicles to travel in it. "he said al - Saadi said" the international highway that connects Fallujah Balaqdah and respects its access to areas Nuaimiya and spend the vine was two years ago under the control of the organization Daash terrorist and are not targeting any wheel pass it, but now fully insured and under security forces grip. " the commander of the Fallujah operation , " the next few days will witness cleanse battles for the rest of thecities of the western Anbar, eliminating the dormant organization cells in the province. " in related context, directed joint Special operations command, on Monday, the leadership of western Baghdad security operations for the file in Fallujah a day after the receipt of the formal editing. Revealed the Federal police headquarters for the near return Qtatha to Mqartha willing to participate in the upcoming military operations. He said Brigadier General Karim al - Lami, Chancellor of the Federal Police Chief for Operations in an interview (range Press), " The Joint Special Operations Command directed orally take over the security file in a boycotted City Fallujah and its environs to the west of Baghdad operations command , "noting that" the federal police sectors will return to their headquarters reorganization in preparation for other duties. "

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